One of my many hats I wear is one of a Vet Nurse. The practice I work at had a stand at the South of England and I provided a prize. The prize was a portrait session, horse or dog, for the winner of Canine Operation. Sam (yes it did get confusing) had the skills needed to claim top spot and I was excited to get over to them to do their dog portrait session.

We waited a while as Sam and Mark had the small task of getting hitched and understandably they wanted to wait till after the wedding. Happily, for us the Sunday we picked was a corker. Despite it being the end of October, it was lovely and warm. Sunny but we had chosen a good time and the light was fab.

A Dog Portrait Session in East Sussex: Small Things

We had a fairly long drive there, but I knew it was going to be a lush shoot when Sam ran up to us in the car park having already paid for our parking! Seems like a small thing but was so thoughtful of them. I was super impressed with Sam’s outfit choice too, she’d thought about what would complement the autumn colours and this shows in the pictures.

Sure, enough we chatted and joked the whole of the walk. For doggy portrait sessions I always suggest a walk to their favourite place. Not only does it give us options it also makes sense to have the pictures taken in a place where happy memories have been made. It was a place new to me but judging by the crowds was a very popular spot.

canine portrait

A Dog Portrait Session in East Sussex: Meet Dingo

Dingo was the lucky dog being the model of the day. A handsome 3-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. He is a fab example of one with a great temperament too. Sam and Mark have owned him since he was a puppy, after un-successfully trying to rescue one. Mark’s childhood dog was a collie x cattle dog and when they saw a cattle dog litter advertised it seemed like fate. He’s super star and is very much part of the family. He adores the ball but isn’t so much of a fan of cyclists…

Dingo is a happy chap. Super lively and totally and utterly obsessed with his ball. His eyes never left it. We tried our hardest to get some action shots but the low light in the forest combined with his dark colourings weren’t a magic formula. As we went on a gorgeous walk through the woods and soon Mark was picking out areas of pretty light.

We found some cracking spots and Dingo was a very obliging (bribed with ball) model. Alternating between capturing Sam and Mark as a couple plus getting Dingo’s fun side. I had to chuckle when I heard how Dingo gets the chickens in at night. Channelling his inner working cattle dog vibes, it’s the highlight of his day.

Canine Portrait

Equine photography

A Dog Portrait Session in East Sussex: Location, Location, Location

Sam and Mark had picked an excellent location and we were spoilt for choice. I absolutely adore these kinds of shoots. A walk in the stunning English country side with some fellow dog lovers. As we made our way around Friston Forrest I was able to capture plenty of gorgeous pictures which will make some stunning canvases. After just over an hour we put the camera away and let the dog enjoy themselves. I was a little sad when we got to end of the walk as I was enjoying myself. We said our goodbyes and it was home to edit.

Canine Portrait

Sam and Mark- Thank you so much for a brilliant afternoon and well done Dingo.