Christmas Wreath making workshop at Chapter Two Belle and Bow

Often, I find Christmas sneaks up on me and I’m left feeling not overly ‘Christmassy’

I do think that a lot of the magic and joy of Christmas is from being at home. The family all excited and getting the decorations up. As an adult I imagine a lot of the pleasure comes from getting ready for the little ones. Children love Christmas and when you don’t have any of them sometimes it feels like a commercial exercise.

Christmas Wreath workshop: Don’t Judge

With this in mind I decided I would partake in some festive activities to try and embrace the festive spirit! I had heard about the Chapter Two by Belle and Bow workshops from my On-Point Pal, Bell.

So when I saw them advertised online, I signed myself and a friend up. As I arrived at the address my heart sank a little. It was someone’s home, was this going to be a naff workshop…. I told myself to not be so judgemental and knocked on the door. A gentleman opened the door and for a moment I was convinced I was at the wrong place. Grace popped over his shoulder and her huge smile and super friendly demeanour put me instantly at ease. As we went through to their work-shop I felt so much more excited about the afternoon. Sandra was also really friendly, and we chatted away until Kelly arrived.

Christmas Wreath workshop: Getting some festive spirit

A lovely glass of mulled wine to warm us up and get us the mood. Once we’d stopped nattering Sandra explained she was a trained florist and Grace, her daughter, would be helping. There was just the four of us which was a really nice number. The price of the workshop was just £35 and again I was interested to see what we would be doing. Sandra handed us all a metal ring to form the base. We then had to wire in place handfuls of moss to build up the base. This was quite a messy job and I was glad I’d put on the apron. Also, best to do this before any Christmas Parties as it’s pretty tough on your nails too! Floristry isn’t just faffing with flowers.


Christmas Wreath workshop

Christmas Wreath workshop: All about the base

Once we had a firm base, we then had to wire on the fir tree branches. I went a bit rouge and decided to something similar to what I’d seen on Instagram. I could tell Sandra wasn’t entirely sold on the idea, but she went with it and helped me. This was also really time consuming. Securing piece after piece of branches round and round to build it up. Bigger and bigger Kelly’s got. She was going for it! Once the branches were in place it was time to get the creative juices flowing.

Sandra and Grace provided all the goodies needed for whatever look we were going for. I went for a copper effect, to match my Christmas tree. Kelly went for full on rustic. Twigs and the whole caboodle.

Christmas Wreath workshop

Christmas Wreath workshop: Bite sized delights

Some yummy nibbles were served, stolen, mince pies and Florentines. Just handy bite sized portions that we could just pop in our mouths in between embellishing our wreathes. As we worked the wreathes started to look amazing! Under the careful guidance of Sandra, we wired in dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and all sorts of goodies. The end results were amazing! Kelly had created a gorgeous rustic number that just summed her up perfectly. I’d managed to create my vision and was pleased as punch with mine!

Christmas Wreath workshop

I urge you all to have a go. Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon. To create something handmade and natural. Plus, totally unique and one of a kind. The hours flew and as soon as I got home, I had a text from Kelly….


‘What a lovely afternoon. Same time next year?’