I’m aware this isn’t a typical horsey post, but I do just have to say a huge thank you to Mulberry Bow Aesthetics and let you all know about this amazing London-Esque treatment that has hit Kent.

I decided to give my skin and face a bit of a treat before heading off to Wales! First of all I was greeted by the smell of a Neom Candle and the whole room was prepared beautifully, luxurious but still clean and slightly clinical. A very in depth questionnaire was completed and then the treatment commenced. 

Mulberry Bow-Whole Body

As you can see from the pictures it was a more holistic whole-body approach rather than a simple facial. I know Karen is the master of sport’s massage, so I was keen to experience her new skills! First of all, Karen took a detailed history and then tailored the treatment around that. Eventually she would like to offer a ‘menu’ of treatments, so each person will get bespoke treatment specific to them. Very different to your usual spa facial.

Equine photography

I had a brilliant neck, back and shoulder massage and some needles popped into specific points on my feet to target the areas I had mentioned I problem with. This was fairly similar to normal acupuncture and was as I expected. Interestingly my the ‘Kidney’ trigger point was really quite sore. I know I need to drink more, and I’ve had abnormal renal values on my bloods recently. Interesting eh?

Mulberry Bow

Mulberry Bow: Facial Acupuncture

Then Karen moved onto the facial acupuncture. I’m not bothered by needles but it’s quite a bizarre experience. It was a little ‘stingy’ in areas which is normal, but it soon passes. Oddly the places where you think would be sore weren’t. She also did some ear acupuncture on me which again was bizarre. Strangely soothing though after a while and I soon started relaxing. Whilst the needles and the LED lights did their thing, I had a foot massage, bliss! I love a foot massage, it’s not for everyone and can be swapped for a head massage. The LED lights were nicely warming and quite pleasant. 

Mulberry Bow

Once the facial acupuncture was complete and the needles removed my skin was treated to a wonderfully luxurious mask. Whilst the mask was being absorbed Karen used a rose quartz roller on my face. As the mask was being absorbed, I was then treated to yet another massage, this time my arms and hands. Once again total bliss, it’s amazing how much tension we hold in our arms. 

Mulberry Bow: Bit of Cupping

Some facial cupping finished the session and honestly my skin felt so amazing afterwards. I loved the cupping, especially around the eyes. I was sad when it all ended but it was two hours of total luxury and pampering. Plus, I went there with a spot the size of a small planet that I was sure was going to be pretty ugly……24 hours later it had started retreating. Amazing! 

Mulberry Bow

Mulberry Bow: Go say hi

I hear she may be doing some offers to perk everyone up during these dull winter months so why not take advantage and get in touch? To find out more head over to her website and to be the first to know about offers follow them on Facebook