Last year I wrote about Royal Windsor Horse Show and how much I enjoyed it. This year I was unsuccessful in my media appplication so I had the sulks and had missed the early bird tickets. Thanks to Facebook though I suffered serious FMO and hatched a plan with 21st Century Rider to go for an early morning jaunt.

We decided to miss the traffic and embarked on our journey at 630 am- so early for a Sunday. It did pay off though and we sailed in without a spot of waiting. Paying £9 for a square of premium Windsor grass though! We even secured a prime spot right at the front and under a tree. It’s the little things in life isn’t it.


Royal Windsor Horse Show: WHP

As always, I have to stop by the working hunters and as the shops hadn’t yet opened I was more than happy to park up and take a few snaps. The course was quite inviting this year and I found myself thinking I’m sure Honey and I could have done this, until I heard the announcer say it was the nursery stakes. This means for competitors under the age of 12!

Whilst I don’t mind competing with children I’m not sure I could pass for a 12-year-old.

Royal Windsor Horse Show by Frog and Field

Royal Windsor Horse Show: Pot of Tea

Vicki and I decided it was time for tea and a snack at this point and pursued several coffee stands before stumbling upon Daisy’s Vintage Tea room. Home-made cakes and a pot of teas sealed the deal and as we were so early we were able to enjoy a leisurely cuppa whilst seated. Having got chatting to the owners we soon found out that they were providing tea and cake at the Royal Wedding party in the parkland. What a treat!



Daisy Vintage Tea Room at Royal Windsor
Equine photography


Happily, as we were slurping our tea-doesn’t it always taste nicer in a pot- and gobbling up our home made Swiss roll, the shops opened. Vicki had her own mission for the day. Her company, 21stCentury Rider, has a stand at Hickstead. So, she was there getting ideas of what would work well on her own stand and how to maximise space. There were a few that stood out for us. Firstly, Annabele Brooks, a vision of white and neon with clean simple lines and lots of space for browsing. Some of the stands were quite full of stock which does make it tricky for browsing. I did find a lovely plum saddle cloth and a coordinating Ariat top which I’ll be sporting in my lesson on Friday. Personally, I liked Welligogs, Noble Outfitters and also Huff Equestrian.

Royal Windsor Horse Show: Shopping Time

I’ve had my eye on the Huff tops for a while. Especially as they support charities with the sales of their tops. Sadly, by the Sunday there was very little stock left and I had my eye on a ‘No Scope No Hope’ vest top but they had all gone. I had to console myself with a very pretty lilac ‘Center Line’ top. Channelling my inner dressage diva. I have to say the quality is great. I have worn my top loads since I purchased it and currently it’s just waiting to go in the wash- we will see how it washes. Size wise I’d say they were on the small side but they really nice quality, organic cotton and not too pricey.


huff Equestrian at Royal Windsor

Annabele Brooks at Royal Windsor Horse Show


Vicki went off and did some networking and I went back to the working hunter ring. This time the fences were up and boy were they beefy. I just love watching these nimble ponies ping round and then head next door to do some toe flicking. There were quite a few clear rounds and the quality of the ponies was outstanding. Before we knew it, the time had run away from us and we hadn’t even manged to watch the main arena! Sadly, we headed back to the car and headed home to ride the ponies.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Royal Windsor Horse Show: 2019

I would allocate a day next year as there is so much to see and do. Especially if you are blessed with sunshine. Honestly RWHS is an absolute must do. It’s stunning, loads of quality shopping, excellent range of classes to watch and the setting is just perfect. The only downside is the fact that dogs aren’t allowed, but Margaux would have just hindered my shipping anyway.