Equi-Tog-Blog: Am I worthy?

The Blogosphere festival was an eye-opening experience in more ways than one. It really made me think about what I wanted to achieve with my blogging and how far I could actually take it.

I always thought the blogging was a side note to the photography but last year I found myself enjoying the blogging more and more. Rather than trying to compete with photographers and trying to make my way in the very saturated market I decided a preferred a more relaxed approach. Attending events and getting to meet people from all walk of life.

Something was niggling me though, was my life worthy of blogging about? Sure, I do lots of nice things and go on trips, but I have neither a baby or a horse. Two things that seem to be crucial to many blogs! As well as that my home isn’t especially ‘Insta-gramable’.

I live in a rented house, which could be stunning as it’s full of old charm and wonderful details, but it’s what one would call retro in style. I’m working on trying to get our landlady to allow us to refresh it. So, no pretty country home pictures from me I’m afraid. Gutted as I am so partial to a Laura Ashley feature wall.

Being surrounded by successful bloggers at the event also made analyse myself and my appearance. Again, it seems to be you have to be slim and uber fashionable to create any kind of following. At the other end some were plus size and looked amazing! I am neither of those things. Very much average without my fashion sense. I don’t have a ‘style’ I wear what fits and what looks nice (in my head) I have saddle bags and there’s no way I could fit in a size 8….Is that important though? 

I thought it was. Until I saw one girl fully glammed up, looking amazing and super stylish tucking the tag under her jumper. Yup, the label of her very luxurious leather trousers had snuck out and I first thought ‘oh poor thing she’s left the label on’. Then she very pointedly tucked the label back under her jumper! At first, I chuckled.

Then I felt a bit sad. Image has become so important in this world, both real life and social media life, that someone has to wear clothes that she isn’t able to buy without being able to return them…. Also, how sad that is our attitude. It’s disposable, I’ll wear it once and then move on. Something that is infiltrating our lives. Jobs, cars, relationships. We move through at an alarming rate. Discarding them when they no longer suit us, rather than working on them.

I decided there and then that I was more than ‘okay’ to be building a brand around myself. Frog and Field doesn’t have to be about the perfect house, the perfect figure, the best dress sense etc.


It’s an Equi-Tog-Blog by a 30-something in Surrey. Just me, my hubby, my pets, my camera and my horsey filled life. I get that sometimes this may not be super interesting for everyone, but I like to blog. It’s my diary and it’s fab to be able to read through and see how much I learnt and where I’ve been.

As it’s January I’ve mainly been following the MSFD, a drag hunt local to me. This has provided me with lots of entertainment and I’ll be doing a summary soon. The next adventure though is Cape Town! Surely that’s Instagram-able…..or at least worthy of the Equi-Tog-Blog.