I was undecided about writing this as so many people have already created Christmas Gift guides for the Equestrian lover. So, I am doing this one for all the partners of horsey people. People like my poor husband who doesn’t know a brushing boot from an over reach boot and just would like a little help.


Christmas Gift: Quality not Quantity

I’ve found the older I’ve become the more I analyse gifts. Such a crappy thing to do but I think it’s because we understand the value of money when we get older. In our youth, we didn’t really care how much it cost. We wanted it and so when we received it we could just enjoy it for what it was. With no analysis and no but it’s not that useful thoughts. Personally, I would rather receive one small and well thought out gift that I’ll use than 10 random presents that’ll just gather dust. Quality not quantity- note I say quality not price-another common pitfall of present buying. Expensive does not equal ‘Wow that’s so thoughtful’

Christmas Gift: Pretty bits of fabric

Let’s begin. First up for the horse owner in your life, the saddle cloth. You may also hear it called a ‘Numnah’ or Dressage square, maybe even saddle pad. They are all much of the same. The piece of cloth that sits under your beloved’s horse’s saddle. They can come in many shapes and sizes and also range in price tags. Some people like simple and some people love bling. Personally, if I still owned a pony I would kill for the rose gold set by Eskadron. They are so pretty! Feminine and very on trend.

Size wise you’ll need to think of the size of their steed. Pony = Pony size, your average ‘small’ horse will probably be in ‘Cob’ and then the largest size of all is ‘Full’. Note this doesn’t mean fat rather just the biggest there is. Same applies for head collars (the head catcher pieces of rope or material your beloved uses to control the beast)

Budget wise you do get what you pay for with these-Sorry! Top brands include Eskadron, Equestrian Stockholm, PS of Sweden and Le Mieux by Horse Health. Any of these and they will be a happy horse owner. If you can get the boots and bandages to match you get brownie points. Feather Dressage are a great supplier and are easily contactable via Facebook for any queries.

Christmas Gift: If in doubt Pikeur it

Whilst we are on the topic anything Pikeur will score major brownie points too. I am especially fond of the gilets. The fur trim and the little details are stunning. If they are into ‘matchy matchy’ – yes, it’s a thing then have a look at the Equestrian Stockholm sets. The Brass set is something special and the quality is exceptional. I had the pleasure of doing a shoot for them so I’ve seen them up close and personal.


Christmas Gift: Not your normal sock

Another lovely little gift is a set of Stirrup socks. Handy little pouches to pop the stirrups in. FYI these are the metal triangles that your other half put their feet in when they ride. They can get dirty especially in this mud so they will help keep the saddle clean. Ellie will provide embroidery onto them too so you can have a very special message. Maybe something like ‘less time cleaning and more time with me’ or even ‘Marry me?’ The possibilities are endless, you could simply stick to horse’s name and their name. If it were me I would have ‘return to the length you found these’ – horsey joke 😉 On the theme of socks I love my Noble Outfitters ones. Whilst socks are a bit dull a good pair can be expensive and once worn they aren’t dull. Most comfortable socks I own.

Photo by Daydream Equine Art

Christmas Gift: Everyone loves leather

A leather head collar is always a delight and you can’t go far wrong with one of these. If they are the competitive type you may think about a set of competition numbers. Small discs that affix onto previously mentioned saddle cloth to alert the judges and stewards as to who they are. Just in case they don’t already know 😉

Finally, last but not least an experience. A photoshoot is always welcome, especially if you can then get a canvas for future presents. Two birds on stone and all that! If you happen to know their idol or favourite instructor you can maybe get them a space on a clinic or a workshop (aka a lesson) A ticket to one of the event next year will also be appreciated, ideally two so they can take a friend – trust me if you don’t like horses you’ll maybe want to stay home. However if you go and have fun then that’ll be mucho brownie points!


Have a look on the events review for some ideas 😉

Hopefully that’s helped a little and I look forward to lots of people booking a photo shot in their new matchy matchy outfits …..

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