When writing my mammoth blog posts about how I lost my nerve riding something became even more obvious than what it normally is. Equine Photoshoots are important.

Photographs are really important. Really important, they are the key to unlocking memories. They give memories a time and a place. They even trigger memories. They are invaluable and yet I have so few of my early horsey days.

Equine Photoshoots: Capturing a story

I had to use low quality snaps that were few and far between. This made me a little sad, I do have a stunning picture of Honey from Sophie Callahan Photography. It has pride of place in my home and I love looking at it. While Sophie was there we also got some pictures of Bailey. Again, we will treasure these and they have pride of place. In all honestly losing animals made me want to pick up a camera and ensure I could document my next fur-babies’ life.

Sad to think that so many wonderful horses have come and gone in my life and have next to no pictures of them. If you are my age you will have seen a huge leap in phone technology and the eventual demise of point and shoot cameras. Phones now are awesome. The cameras are brilliant and in all honestly most of the time phone pictures are good enough to use on my blog. What about on the wall though?


This is when a DLSR and a photographer are invaluable. You can say but I can just get my phone and take a picture of my horse. Of course, you can and you should! Capture all those little moments in time that made you smile (or cry) Take a selfie with them-why not? I would be lost without Instagram and the wonders of Facebook.

Equine Photoshoots:Creating Art

However, when it comes to making works of art you’ll need a pro. Simply because we have to equipment and the editing abilities. Just take the before and after of Ruby on the Beach. The first image is what you would get with a phone or point and shoot.

Plus depending on the pixels you’ll only really be able to go to A4 size-if you’re lucky. Low light requires technical knowledge and some degree of post editing. Creating work of art for you to display on the wall is what we strive to create. Equine Photoshoots are a skill on their own but also hiring a photographer for your first hunt or first XC schooling session is a fab idea.


Plus, if you’re on the horse how are you going to be able to capture you jumping that huge log or performing that half-pass? You can’t. So, take the time to get pictures. If you have a loved ones’ birthday coming up, heck it’ll be Christmas soon, why not treat them? Buy them a voucher to have some pictures taken. Pictures that they can treasure forever. That will hang proudly for years to come. Give them the gift of memories


PS I’ll even pop the voucher in a box so it looks like a proper present 

Equine Photoshoots