Team Bragg at Barbury Part 2

Team Bragg at Barbury Part 2, as I write this Team Bragg are out in Haras de Jardy absolutely slaying it, so this feels a tad pointless. However, this was the prep weekend for Haras de Jardy and so it’s story needs telling. Part 1 saw Alcatraz claim 2ndplace in the Intermediate Class and Quindiva placed in the Novice, so all in all a good day.

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Abbie and Domino: An Equine Portrait Session in Sussex

Often, I am asked to keep secrets. The nice kind of secrets though. The kind where someone has been asking for prices and packages. Whilst all the while someone else has snuck in and done the buying for them. Abbie and Domino’s shoot was just that.

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Sunday at the Hickstead Derby 2018

Amazingly the sun was out again for the second day of Hickstead Derby 2018! I planned to go into the main arena on Sunday, after all it was Derby Day. Long linen trousers as knees have to be covered. I still managed to go with sandals though. Something lovely about having your toes out- even though I really need a pedicure!

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Peggys Paws: A Small Business Shoot in Kent

Over the winter Margaux and I went on a cockapoo dog walk. Whilst we were there we got chatting to Ann who owned Peggy and Lola. Commenting on how smart they looked we discovered Ann was a dog groomer and ran Peggys Paws. Shortly after that Ann got in touch about a business shoot. Here’s how we got on.

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