As well as meeting Jane and her gang I also had the pleasure of photographing Lucy and Tom. Lucy is keeps Jane’s yard running like clockwork and also keeps the horses looking picture perfect all year round.

Tom is another gorgeous coloured chap who lives at the yard with Lucy and the gang. Lucy has owned Tom for 5 years now and in her words ‘it’s been interesting’. As well as having a lot of fun with him it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Tom lives in fairyland where the birds sing, and everything is perfect. Bless him it’s such a perfect world…. until there’s something out of place. Then he likes to execute some high-level dressage moves. He’s such a darling though Lucy just has to laugh at him.

Lucy and Tom: Dancing Horse

Whilst Lucy brought him to event she quickly realised he had a thing for dressage. Together they have won championships at Prelim, Novice and Elementary. Still wanting to pursue the eventing Lucy has had to put in a lot of hard work and repetition to get Tom’s confidence up. This involved a few trips out Drag hunting too. It must have the job as last year they finished as the 80 cm reserve champions in the AT Classics series. An unaffiliated eventing championship which was designed to encourage people to get out there eventing and potentially win some decent prize money.

Lucy and Tom: Taking the Plunge

This year they took the plunge and affiliated. Having secured a few double clears they’ve also hooked themselves a spot in the Regional Finals for next year. Pretty good going given the time and patience that’s gone into it. Their goal for next season is to keep building on his confidence and aim for the Grass roots at Badminton. I for one will there cheering them on when they get there!

Equine Photography Surrey



Equine Photography Surrey

Lucy and Tom: Smile and kiss the pony!

Lucy and Tom looked picture perfect during their shoot and we took full advantage of the gorgeous Autumn colours. Making the most of the many locations on Jane’s yard we were spoilt for choice. Tom was a fab model and he convinced his mummy she also looked gorgeous.  As well as some portraits we also got a fabulous black background of him that I just know will look amazing printed huge and on a wall. It’s always hard when you don’t like the camera and Lucy did her reservations, but she really needn’t have worried. Best thing to do is wear something you feel nice in and just look at your horse. Give him or her a kiss and a cuddle and I promise you we will create beautiful images.

Equine Photography Surrey

Special mention has to go to Dave, Lucy’s hubby. He was a star throughout the shoot and has been Lucy’s rock throughout the Tom journey. In her words she wouldn’t be out competing her beautiful horse without him. He is top groom and top lorry driver. He is also ‘horsey’ so was super helpful getting the horses ready for our mammoth shoot.