After moving to Surrey, I put a little shout out on the Surrey Equestrian Facebook group. I was looking for a smart yard with some smart horses for some specific projects I had in mind. Mainly for the new website- currently still in production. I’ve set myself (Richard!) quite a task there but I think it’ll all be worth it. As well as some of the brand shoots that I do and product pictures.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey: Pretty as a picture

Jane got in touch and we had a pre-shoot meeting where I spent the entire time ooooing and ahhhhing over the sheer perfection of the yard. A few weeks later I headed back there on a Sunday morning. Jane really wasn’t kidding when she said she had a picturesque yard with some fab models, I was pretty much drooling at the thought of the pictures we could capture and the potential for further shoots, clothing brands would be in heaven here!

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey: Kingsman the Hooligan

So, it was super sunny, pretty much standard for me, and first up was Kingsman-aka the hooligan- a very handsome coloured gelding with some very strong opinions. We tried some poses with a headcollar and soon had to abandon to get a bridle. I do dither about posting about this but then I do find a lot of people worry their horse won’t be a saint and this puts them off booking. Trust me more often than not they aren’t perfect models. Do you know why? Because they are horses, I don’t expect them to be perfect.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey

I think he would be classed as the naughty school child, who eventually came around to the idea of posing. Even if we did have to hang out near the yard where he could see his mates, but that was fine! Luckily, we all have a sense of humour and just had to chuckle when poor Jane was being told where he was going! He is an incredible drag horse which more than makes up for his opinions and Jane can’t wait to get him back out this season.I think he’d pretty awesome to watch out with the drag hunts.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey: Whats a drag hunt?

In case anyone is wondering ‘Drag’ hunting is when they ‘hunt’ a scent that has been pre-laid. The MSFD that I mention is a drag hunt that had been founded for nearly 100 years. More can be found out here:

Bloodhounds are also a ‘trial/scent’ based hunt and I’ve followed them a lot in previous seasons, find out about them at this blog post.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey: Family Portrait

After we’d safely made it back to the yard with Jane and Kingsman in one piece we decided to attempt a group shoot. I started planning how I would photoshop everyone in…. but I should have had more faith as they all stood like saints. Even the Hooligan and they all popped their ears forward (except Jane!) and looked gorgeous-including Jane! Very much a picture for the wall and a lovely memory to treasure.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey: Perfect Harriet

On to Harriet, a liver chestnut mare who looks rather dark at the moment. Harriet was a star and has THE most adorable kiss me face! I loved her … a lot. She would have posed all day long and has created the most beautiful black background images that again I just want to see on a giant canvas. The looks and clear adoration her and Jane shared was heart melting. She again is an awesome drag hunter and can be seen out and about with the MSFD- I’m looking forward to meeting up with them out and about. On the ground I might add, not sure I’m brave enough to jump the hedges I saw on Jane’s tack room wall. Impressive is an understatement.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey: The Spockle Horse

The one that stole my photographer’s heart though was Indio. He’s the kinda skewbald one who has the most amazing speckled markings. He’s known as the Spockle Horse and it really does suit him. He is so eye-catching and also really well put together. Jane describes him as the Rolls Royce of drag hunters plus a fantastic inter-hunt horse for the MSFD team.

A Equine Portrait Session in Surrey

He was a lovely mix of cheeky chappy with charm and good looks. Always had his eyes on the next spot of grass but worked the camera like a pro. We even took him into the hallowed garden and he looked amazing, like he knew he was on special grass. After a faulous few hours we called it a day and I headed off excited to see the pics on the big screen.

Thank you so much Jane for all your time and efforts. I hope you like the pictures and look forward to seeing the crew out hedge hopping!!