This is the last blog of 2017, gosh no pressure! So, for the first year ever I was given Media Accreditation for Olympia Horse Show 2017. A real high point for me and I’m so grateful for Olympia for giving the me the chance to get up close to all the riders. Honestly if you had said to me a year ago I would be accredited I would have laughed.


Olympia Horse Show 2017-The Metropolitan Police

I especially wanted to see the Met police given the fact I has seen them training for this event. Seeing them in the huge arena was amazing. The riders were clearly so pleased to be there and they had just the right amount of nerves and excitement. Speeding around they were shouting words of encouragement to one another and simply exuded team spirit. Last Tuesday was the first time they have performed the routine in front of a crowd and there were a few near misses but they pulled it out of the bag and the crowd loved it. So much applause and shouting at the end it felt like they could they have they done it again and again to the same response. Judging by the pictures Daydream Equine Art were sharing they simply got better and better.

Olympia Horse Show 2017

Olympia Horse Show 2017: Mrs Valegro

As always, the Shetland grand national was a delight but I especially enjoyed the master class. Carl and Charlotte have the most amazing rapport and it was great listening to them jesting with each other. Carl definitely takes the mickey out of Charlotte and she takes it all in good humour. After all she has a lot to thank him for. We were lucky enough to be introduced to ‘Mrs Valegro’ in Carl’s words and the mare was outstanding. At just 8 years old she took the buzzing environment in her stride and performed awesome move after awesome move. Simply stunning and mesmerising to watch. Mount St John freestyle has it all, presence, trainability and talent. Plus, she sports the most wonderful ears that are just waiting for the next thing asked of her. Don’t worry Carl I don’t think the Cruise ships are imminent I think you’re going to be rather busy!

Olympia Horse Show 2017: Handbags and Horses

Shopping followed and it was a paradise of all things country and horsey. Loads of stands with gorgeous lifestyle goods, such a pheasant feathers lined candles and rows of gin! Heaps of woollen throws and lots of small businesses which was wonderful to see. I especially liked the Glaze and Gordon Stand, each item personally sourced by Becs and just oozing quality. Onto Mackenzie and George where the most gorgeous handmade belts await. With a scattering of hat pins the stand was a feast for the eyes. Grays country gifts had a few items that went straight on my wish list, especially the gloriously equestrian handbags. Honestly I could have spent a small fortune….the best bit is I’m back tomorrow so maybe I will