Equine Photoshoot: managing expectations during a shoot-Sapphire Horses

Equine Photoshoot: managing expectations during a shoot. This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people. Why are they fantastic? Firstly they were prepared. Not only were they prepared but their horses were too. Take Lucy at Sapphire Horses for example. Lucy contacted me in the week after hearing about me through Sarah Holmes. She had a horse that she needed some sales pictures taking off, unfortunately there was a tight time frame and these had to be done by Monday. We scheduled a time and on Sunday I headed over to the yard.

I was greeted by a spotless horse, plaited, clean and with a freshly washed tail and a lick of hoof oil. Fantastic I thought! Even better Lucy whipped out her phone and started mentioning the type of poses she was after, A discussion about location followed and we then tested out each location. Lucy had props and a lot of patience as ‘Itsy’ was a little confused about the whole affair. She couldn’t work out why she wasn’t outside playing with her friends. Bless her, with some coaxing she posed like a star and in a very short time frame we were able to capture some crackers. Here are a couple below:

Equine Photoshoot-managing expectation




Equine Photoshoot: managing expectations during a shoot-Fiona and Troy

The second lady I had the pleasure of working with was Fiona. Fiona contacted me about my portfolio work through Facebook and said I had prompted her into taking her gorgeous chestnut Troy down to Camber. I happily popped there after Sapphire Horses and waited on the beach. After a little while a very smart chestnut strutted into my eye line and made his way to me. Wow, I thought nice model-I hope he is mine. He was, Fiona was amazing, so friendly and amenable. Cantering slowly past me, playing in the water and constantly asking if I had what I wanted. She then mentioned she wanted a picture of her dog and Troy cantering together. That led on to an amusing ten minutes when we tried to get the two together. Its safe to say we managed but a horse is far quicker than a dog!

Fiona beamed the whole through and this coupled with a smartly turned out horse made my life a lot easier-they have a lot of images to choose from as a result of this!






My point to this being you will get far more images if you take care of the simple things. A photographer will be putting in lot of work, crawling on the floor and constantly searching for a good spot but if the basics aren’t taken care of it may well be a waste of time, and your money.

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