Equine and Canine Shoot with Ease in Motion: The background

Equine and Canine Shoot  with Sarah, how it all started. I have known Sarah Holmes, of Ease in Motion, for just over a year now. When I first brought my pony I noticed she was a little stiff on one rein and was hard work in the school on one particular rein. The yard owner recommended booking Sarah in for a session. Well, I am so glad I did. Sarah instantly put Honey at ease and is very patient and thorough. I had to work the first time she treated Honey and I sent along my non-horsey husband instead. She had him trotting Honey up and down carrying out a detailed examination. She then messaged me everything she had found and then said be prepared to ride next time.

So the next visit came along and I was tacked up ready to go, a little unsure as to why the therapist wanted to see me ride. It all became clear, Sarah observed Honey, noting her ‘good’ and ‘bad’ rein and then asked me to some exercises so she could assess Honey’s way of going. A good 30 minutes later she then gave Honey another treatment. Honey is a mare and can object to certain things, but she tolerated and sometimes even enjoyed Sarah’s sessions! The improvement in her was remarkable. She became a much happier pony and was able to start the beginnings of working over her back and carrying herself. I can’t recommend Sarah enough-thourogh, caring, kind and so knowledgeable she is fab.

Equine and Canine Shoot with Ease in Motion: The brief

Promotional photography during the Equine and Canine Shoot with Ease in Motion. So Sarah is completing her human qualifications and with that is going to broaden her service offered. Very exciting and a genius idea. No point putting the horse straight if the rider isn’t straight after all!

She saw that I was up the yard camera in hand a lot and knew I was being a new venture. So we decided to do a service swap. Some pictures for a session for Honey. We put the diaries together and managed to come up with a then far away date. The date came and off I trundled down to Canterbury. Sarah is so well organised she greeted me with a bank of reference images in one hand and a cuppa in the other. Once we were happy with the plan we went to the yard where I got to meet her Equine friend, Dobs. Dobs then got a lovely session from his mummy with me snapping away in the background. He adores Sarah and was more than happy to pose. It always make me chuckle when the fur-mummies say they do this or they won’t do that. Its like they hear and then prove them wrong!

Dogs then followed, trying to get a dog to trot towards you is very hard-especially with geese chasing you! We managed to get everything and left the yard happy as larry. Off to Sarah’s house where I found out human photography is far harder than equine. However we got the pictures Sarah wanted and any day now there will be a brand new shiny website. For now why not have a look on her Facebook page to see if she can help your four legged friends-She definitely helped mine.

Here is a sneak peak at the pictures, I’m really pleased with them and I hope Sarah is too.

Equine and Canine Shoot Equine and Canine Shoot Equine and Canine Shoot Equine and Canine Shoot Equine and Canine Shoot