Beach Photoshoot-hints and tips by Frog and Field Photography

Its the time of year thats perfect for a beach photoshoot. October is when Camber Sands relaxes the rules on beach riding for the winter. This means dogs and horses are welcome onto the sands all day long-tide permitting. Exact opening times can be found here. Its a wonderful time of year and something I am sure all horse riders love to do with all of their four legged friends. There is a large car park, which does incur a charge. Normally there is ample room to unload -unless its especially busy-weekends for example.

Here I share some tips to helping you have not only a great time but also hints for some great pictures.

Tide Times

First thing first, there are rip tides and areas where you can get trapped on this beach so pay attention to tide time. Magic Seaweed has the all the information you need to time your visit. Riding is only allowed on the beach at low tide so bear this mind and time your ride accordingly.

Whilst we talk about health and safety hats must be worn at all times. I would also urge people to take care in the car park which can get rather busy. Lots of people want to stroke the horses but they are not best dressed to do so, this is especially important in the summer evenings. If you are bringing a young horse please take all the normal sensible precautions. Like bringing a safe/sane friend, having a mobile on you and consider the fact you may need help getting onto the beach. Its quite spooky initially for them.

Whilst pictures of you falling off into the sea are hilarious and fun to catch on film. It isn’t so funny watching your horse disappear into the sunset. Equally the amount of nice pictures you will get will be hindered by a white knuckle ride!

Outfits for a Beach Photoshoot

The obvious choice is clean and tidy to start with. Something smart and fairly fitted will look the most flattering. Matchy matchy outfits are the in ‘thing’ at the moment. As a photographer I love these, they look great in pictures and very smart. Remember to match your outfit with your horses, its an all or nothing kinda style. On the beach I would avoid bandages-they will get soaked and ruined. Some nice light cross country boots will be ideal as they will not hold the water. This is all assuming you plan on splashing in the sea of course. Fur Feather Meds have a massive range of outfits, pick something that will be a pop of colour against the sea. An alternative would be more natural ‘working’ look. So smart bridle without a saddle cloth, meaning there is no colour to detract from the horse and the sea. Its personal preference and as long as you are clean and tidy the pictures will be fine.


Posing on a Beach Photoshoot

Some of the nicest pictures I have on the beach are the relaxed natural walking away into the sunset ones. The ones when the rider didn’t know I was snapping away and the horse is looking out into the sea. Naturally everyone wants that picture of them galloping in the surf, tail flowing and a massive smile on their face. Now this is a hard one to get-firstly you have to be in control and able to canter or gallop in the surf-not that easy. You also have to remember to smile and keep it steady enough to get in shot.

Golden rule is to remember where your photographer is. Keep them in view, once you’ve had a blast to get their backs down if thats your thing Once you’ve established control just try circling around the photographer, keeping them in the middle. Also remember walking pictures can be lovely, as can a gaze out onto the horizon. If you do want that canter shoot be prepared to do it more than once and remember to smile-like Claudia here!

Beach Photoshoot

Beach Photoshoot

Enjoy and maybe I’ll see you down there!