Helping small rural or Equine businesses- I love it! Maybe it’s the teacher in me or maybe it’s my creative side but when a business wants help I love it. Hence when Bertie from RC Equine Bodyworks approached me for help I couldn’t wait.

Equine Small Business: Tea and a Plan

First of all, we needed a plan. So, over a cuppa down at the yard we had a chat about the business and Bertie’s plans for the future. We also put pen to paper, I still love the old-fashioned ways, and started a good old brainstorm. With that done I left Bertie with some homework. Firstly, she needed her vector file or PSD of her logo and then she needed to start typing. It’s so much easier to get your information and text for the website typed up in word first. Especially if you aren’t fab at spelling like me. Her mission was to get her FAQS, About, Services, The Team and finally her first blog post all done and dusted by the deadline. Deadlines sometimes work for some people, I personally need a deadline to get it done. Bertie was the same!

We did a few test pictures too and started establishing an idea of what we wanted the site to include. Once Bertie had her list of things to do I started building a ‘draft’ of her website. This gave me an idea of what images needed capturing and what colours and themes worked well. We went for a blue theme, simply because it’s her favourite colour and I personally like something bold and simple.

RC Equine Bodyworks

RC Equine Bodyworks: Shoot day for RC Equine Bodyworks

Shoot day rolled around finally. Like Abi and Danny though we had blazing sunshine. We also had the beast from the East too and we were FROZEN! Blazing sun is always every person’s dream…except the photographer! Still we are tough equestrian girls so we made a plan. Bertie wanted some ridden shoots and it’s a key selling point for her, so we headed to the school. Fiasco didn’t get the memo and put Bertie through quite a work out. Probably due to the pressure of the shoot but as they are local I’ll simply pop back when they are having a training session. No biggie, plus I need teaching and training pictures for the Pferd Images site. Win for me.


Once we had done ridden shoots we worked our way through the website check list, roping in some friends to do some trotting up for us too. Fiasco very much enjoyed showing me how super stretching he was! Once we’d got those nailed we decided it was time for Solo to shine. Solo is the motivation and the reason for Bertie pursuing this career path. It was thanks to careful rehabilitation and excellent management that he continued competing for as long as he did. He now lives the life of luxury, enjoying ambles around the field and eating! He is so gorgeous though. The colour of a pumpkin and just adores dogs! There will be lots more about these guys over on the new website.


RC Equine Bodyworks

RC Equine Bodyworks: The Final Detail

Our biggest mission was getting a group photo! We have so many bloopers but actually I think it summed up the day. Lots of laughs and fun whilst trying to get across how much Bertie has the horse’s interests at heart.

That evening we reconvened at Frog and Field HQ. We spent the evening getting everything up and going. The framework was in place and Bertie was happy. Then I spent the rest of the week getting it just so!

RC Equine Bodyworks


Bertie summed up what she did as sports massage for horses. We expect horses to perform like athletes and so we should treat them like one. She believes that by professionals working together we can get the best out of our horses, and help them perform comfortably. As she describes bodywork as seeking symmetry and suppleness. I know I couldn’t do my best if I didn’t have regular massages so I think Bertie has a very valid point here. Head over to her page to book your four-legged friend in for a session from RC Equine Bodyworks