I’ve named this post a ‘Snow Day: A Yard Day Photoshoot’ in Kent but in reality, it was a number of sessions that built up and gathered momentum. The snow (Beast from the East) has been both a blessing and a curse for us animal lovers. One thing is for sure though it’s created lots of wonderful connections for me.

Snow Day: A Yard Day Photoshoot in Kent- Raven the Stunner

After the initial flurries on Monday we were gifted a hefty amount of snow on Tuesday. Gleefully I messaged Helen, owner of the stunning Raven, who is fab model for me. I worked out I could walk to yard- win! The roads around me were pretty awful and I thought I’d be a bit of a wally risking my car for some horse photographs. So I wrapped up, rather smug about my coat purchase at the Nationals, and with the camera prepped and ready to go I started my mission.

Snow just has such magical qualities. It transforms places into winter wonderlands and makes for stunning backdrops. Falling snow however plays havoc with focusing and I felt like a beginner all over again! Eventually I figured out I needed a fast shutter speed, faster than normal, low(ish) ISO and a medium f-stop/aperture. Luckily Raven was very obliging, even when naked and pranced around for me. He is such a poser! I love going and just spending 5 minutes in a field with him. I always get something nice. I have to say black horse against a white background also creates technical challenges. It was so worth it though!

I said goodbye to my super star who returned the favour by nibbling my pom pom and happily grabbed a lift home. A happy afternoon of editing followed whilst eating my bodyweight in chocolate and copious amounts of tea.  A few bits of fence removal and I was left with these delights

Yard Day Photoshoot

Snow Day: A Yard Day Photoshoot in Kent- SO Pretty

Wednesday dawned and this was snow like I’d never seen before. Plus, cold like I don’t ever remember in the UK. Poor Margaux who LOVES the snow was really battling. It was too cold, her feet hurt and my lungs hurt. However, a 1 year old cockapoo doesn’t understand (or believe) that it’s too cold to walk. We wrapped her feet up in vet wrap and smothered them in coconut oil and managed a quick jaunt around the local park. The pictures are like Narnia and it was so pretty. I was desperate to plonk a little section A in the middle of it all but it was too dangerous to drive and I didn’t fancy walking in it either. Such a shame because first thing it was magical.

Yard Day Photoshoot

Snow Day: A Yard Day Photoshoot in Kent- Relaxed Mini Session

Thursday and Friday resulted in a scramble to get to work, dicing with black ice and navigating the motorway that saw 150 accidents in less than 24 hours! Animals and the patients didn’t get the memo. However more snow on Friday meant I was able to nip to the yard on Saturday morning. Yay!

The temperatures were up so the drive was fine and there were loads of horses out to play. I managed to meet quite a few. These included Star and Laura, Wobbly and Laura, Royce and Jo plus Cas and Guinness. Plus a few more that we said hi to along the way. Each of these had their own story to tell which I hope to reveal when I go back and meet them again. All these ‘shoots’ were very informal. Mainly involving naked ponies playing with their pals. We had to enlist the help of the ‘All ears’ app which both Wobbly and Guinness were quite taken with.

Lucky and Guinness being buddies in the snow

Yard Day Photoshoot


So whilst the snow was a pain in the bum it has led me to a great yard with loads of wonderful partnerships that I can’t wait to meet again. Hopefully a Yard Day Photoshoot in slightly warmer weather and with some bluebells.