I had already met Bertie and her lovely duo way back last year. This was for a business shoot though and with her latest news Bertie wanted a Equine Portrait Session of her two boys. I was happy to help and luckily we picked a warmer day than last time.

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent: Solo

First up was Solo. An older chap, 22 years old but he looks amazing. He can be held responsible for many things. Mainly for getting Bertie into dressage but also for Bertie wanting to help other horses. He has suffered with injuries bless him and it’s with very careful management and rehab that he is still able to work and enjoy a quieter life. Bertie has had him since she was 14 and has had quite an illustrious competition career with him. He is also responsible for Bertie becoming a BYRDS, as it was at an Pony Club are final she was spotted

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent

He’s described as a Labrador and he would be very happy as a dog, following you everywhere. Bless him, he was rather happy to be out and about and enjoyed towing Bertie to the nearest patch of grass. Lucky for him and unlucky for Bertie there was grass everywhere! He lives at a lovely livery yard and there is tons of grass and grazing. Because of his conditions this also has to be managed and so when his feet touch the grass he simply cannot resist.

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent

Happily, Bertie still absolutely idolises him and he manages to convince her its ok. He was playing the grumpy old man at times and soon lost interest in all the sound effects we had to hand, other than the squeaky dog toy. We popped him back and got a sneaky black back ground from across the yard! One of them just had me in stitches and it’s sums him up perfectly. You can find it on facebook and hopefully you’ll all agree.

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent: Fiasco

Fiasco was next. Excitingly Caroline, Bertie’s mum, has just purchased the other half of him! So, he is now totally Bertie’s. She had previously shared him with June, her trainer. Now though she is the sole owner, although she still trains with June. How very exciting, especially as he had a spot in Horse and Hound this week. They won their music class with a very impressive score, hopefully this is the start of amazing things!

An KWPN Fiasco is just 8-years-old and was a very hot young horse. He is now settling, and Bertie and he are learning together. Fiasco is a natural athlete and is very talented. I think he also rather enjoyed being a model and stuck a pose at every chance. He looks stunning in every picture and manged to grow way above his 15.3 hand stature. We got several lovely shots in the driveway and Bertie’s outfit worked to perfection. I keep saying pick something you are comfortable in and this is so true. Shirt, jeans and boots and you can’t go wrong.

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent

Like Solo, Fiasco also has a cheeky streak and was eyeing up Bertie’s bracelet before nipping in and sending beads flying! He looked rather sheepish and resumed posing beautifully. Like we all say though, the talented ones always have a bit about them. They like to keep you on your toes and he certainly does that. His name suits him rather well. As the shoot went on we were blessed with some very pretty light which gave the photos such a magical feel to them

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent

We headed out to get some different locations and Fiasco decided that he wanted to show us his acrobatics, this was the cue to head back to the yard and get some black backgrounds (BBGs)

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent: Something Special

Bless Bertie she kept apologising for him. Honestly, they are horses, I am totally realistic and trust me most of the time they all do something. That’s what makes it fun so don’t worry.  I am especially pleased with the BBGs. These work well because Bertie plaited him up, so when he looked down it created a striking image. I just love it and I hope Bertie does too

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent