KBIS Wellington Horse Trials, another new experience for Frog and Field. I still recovering from the shock of a gloriously sunny bank holiday but I couldn’t not share KBIS Wellington Horse Trials with you. Our favourite boy, Percy (owned by Sarah Hughes) was out too and we couldn’t miss this relatively local event- local as in an hour away 😉

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials: Dressage and Perky Ponies

As mentioned it was super-hot but luckily for us Percy had early times so we were there before it got too much. The dressage arenas were in a nice quiet area of the ground which was lovely for the horses. It provided some welcome calmness and some shaded areas. I do sometimes find it a little sad how the dressage is a side event in the eventing world and it would be nice to see more spectators down there. Perhaps the competitors like it this way?

Percy had a spring in his step and it was clear he was feeling well! Think this was the sun as there was also a loose horse going for a jolly in the background. William just kept smiling and I especially love this snap of them both- smile at the judges ladies and gents. Once dressage was done we had a couple of hours to enjoy the show so we headed to the main arena.

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials by Frog and Field

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials: Gin and Jumping

Over in the main ring it was a bit ‘buzzier’ but wonderfully set up for spectators. There was heaps to do and lots for non-horsey other halves too. Massage chairs, shabby chic goods, hawk display and loads for the little people- this was set away from the main ring so really well thought out. Plus, there were loads of food and drink stands.

Our favourite Silent Pool Gin stand was there so we acquired another glass to add to the collection. I’ve recently discovered that they make super wine glasses too-they can hold half a bottle. Well worth stocking up on them.  We watched some lovely show jumping rounds. It was quite a tricky course with fences well up to height. A few poles rolled here and there and there was one demolition of some planks! Percy positively pinged round just having just rolled a pole.


KBIS Wellington Horse Trials by Frog and Field

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials: Cross Country

We also enjoyed watching some top class horse and rider combos making light work of the cross country. Percy included- he skipped around the course making it look like a set of cross poles. With William on board it always looks effortless! The cross country course was nice and close to the main arena making for some easy veiwing.


KBIS Wellington Horse Trials by Frog and Field

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials by Frog and Field

We had a lovely time chatting to the fence judges too and snapped some more pictures of friends of the infamous Willberry Wonder Pony. I do love the fence judges, they are always so friendly and do their best to accommodate me.  Overall a fab trip- we headed back at lunch time as Margaux was cooking. Missing the advanced section sadly. We will be back next year though-with sun cream this time. KBIS Wellington Horse Trials will definitely one of the events that will be featuring on the top 5 events to visit in 2018