Preparing for your Equine Photoshoot: The Session

You may have booked your Equine Photoshoot shoot or you may have been gifted your shoot. Either way this could be your first time and that can be a nerve racking experience! Don’t worry though I am here to help. This post should guide through some top tips and what to expect on the day. I already cover this briefly but you should allow two hours for your shoot. This will include time for us to have a walk around and also discuss your outfits and aslo what your horse will be wearing.

This is the time to ask any questions and also let me know if there are any particular images you are after. Don’t be afraid to get your mum or another horse or Pet involved. There is time for this. Typically the actual posing part will be about an hour. Mainly due ot the fact horses are animals with a mind of their own. A little like a small child when they are they are done.

It’s meant to be a fun and positive experience so this is true for both you and the horse.

Equine Photoshoot
Katie and Corky with their best smiles!

Preparing for your Equine Photoshoot: What to wear

I see so many questions and discussions on local forums about what it’s like to have an Equine Photoshoot shoot done and also what to wear.
Here is my top tip: Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! SO if that’s jeans, some country boots and a shirt or jumper wear that.

Far easier to say what NOT to wear during an Equine Photoshoot

  • Bright colours (unless it’s mathcy matchy ridden!)
  • Patterns need to be kept simple, avoid lots of bulky layers -they don’t photograph well.
  • Bare feet/Open toed shoes – safety first!
  • Short dresses- these will limit the poses we can do.
Bring some options with you so we can play dress up. Not forgetting the horse too 😉
Also its worth packing a hair brush, something to tie it back with, maybe a hat and if you’re like me and love your make up bring some with for touch ups.
Other than that go with your favourite outfit and your best smile
Here are a few of my faves from last year which should give you some inspiration:
Equine Photoshoot
Linnea looking cosy in her Equestrian Stockholm hat and coat


Equine Photoshoot
Ruby and Laura looking so pretty in soft pink


Equine Photoshoot
Terri rocking a simple white shirt with a shiny Dita