Abi and Danny: Weather SOS

Abi and Danny were gifted a voucher for a portrait session last year. Last week we finally got a date in the diary, half term was the golden time and so we made a plan. The weather on the other hand had decided it was bored of grey and decided that the date we had planned was the day it rained…all day!

So, I made a quick SOS weather check and we could choose between bright sunshine or rain. We went with sunshine as we couldn’t bear to miss our slot. Obviously the sun I hear you cry. However the sun can be rather challenging in its own way. Squinty eyes and also glare with shadows but we were left with limited options. I had a last-minute text from Abi despairing that Danny had just rubbed out all his plaits.  Luckily, I was a bit of a drive away so there was plenty of time to put them back in.


Abi and Danny: Haven’t we met before?

On arrival, I was greeted by a very smiley Abi dressed in her best show gear with an equally sparkly pony. I had met Danny before when I was working at Linda’s. Danny is a gorgeous Dun Connemara from Ireland.  I accompanied him to his first show over here and was very impressed with him at the time. It’s always nice when you get to see them again. I was pleased to see he was living the dream in his purpose-built yard. Abi has owned Danny since he was 4 years old and they have great plans together.

Abi and Danny: Equine Portrait Session Canterbury

Abi and Danny: A brief Hiatus

Sadly, Abi’s grandmother suffered a terrible accident last Easter and the family’s lives were put on hold. This has meant that although Abi and Danny had got off to a cracking start they have had a hiatus last year. Life does have a habit of throwing a curve ball at you sometimes and this is just one of those unavoidable things. Understandably Abi is keen to get back out there and is training hard. She did a short schooling session when I was there and they are such a cute pair. He’s your typical cheeky pony, always keen for a treat and she’s a happy young lady who just wants to get out there and have fun.

Abi and Danny: Equine Portrait Session Canterbury

Abi and Danny: Trot up Glam!

We were very cold though and Abi quickly changed from show attire into something more comfortable. I have to say she pulled of her Badminton Trot up look well and the more the session progressed the more Abi got into it. Ally, her mum, was a great pair of hands and was ready with the ‘All Ears’ App getting Danny’s ears forward. The shoot was gate-crashed by the gorgeous Poppy who just wanted to kiss the camera! I think Poppy and Danny make the most adorable couple though and I’m glad she decided to join in.

We managed to find some spots where we weren’t blinded from the sun. I;m sure you’ll agree  both Abi and Danny were angels to shoot. I’m sure we will be seeing these two out competing soon and hopefully collecting the ribbons!

Thank you so much Abi and Danny, plus not forgetting mum, you were a pleasure and I hope you like your pictures

Abi and Danny

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