An Equine Portrait Session in Sussex: Corky Fat Pants and Katie

Following a successful competition over on Facebook I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Corky Fat Pants himself! We were blessed with lovely a crisp clear day with lots of sunshine and I was very excited to meet the horse behind the very unique name! First of all Katie and I had a wander around the yard, Bislington Priory. Due to the amazing setting we had a few options for posing.

Katie and I ran through how the shoot would go and also a ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to have’ lists on the go. Part of the prize was a gorgeous Equestrian Stockholm set in plum – which looked lush!

Corky Fat Pants is a legend. He has soooooo much character it’s unreal. A 7 year old Irish chap he adored the in-hand photos so much. He is such a poser, he wasn’t tricked though instead he just stood and looked stunning. Most of these were done in a bridle or thin head collar for me to edit out post shoot. I think this was his favourite part and Katie and him shared some adorable moments.

Kent Equine Photographer Frog and Field


Equine Portrait Session by Frog and Field: Corky Fat Pants

An Equine Portrait Session at Bilsington Priory Equestrian: All about Corky

Then we went for some ridden shoots and for this we headed to the gallops, Bilsington Priory Equestrian has a lovely huge all weather gallops which is just perfect for crsip days.

I think we buzzed him up a bit too much though! Although both him and Katie were enjoying themselves the whole time. Penny also came along but he wasn’t so keen on sharing the limelight with Penny the Spaniel. From about 20 pictures with Penny he had just one with his ears forward-honestly it was like he did it on purpose. Still he is rather gorgeous so who can blame him. His mum is rather a natural in front of the camera too. Even when cantering up the gallops she kept a huge grin on her face. Corky decided to join in and grin too!

Having moved to train with Craig Messenger at Bilsington Priory Equestrian centre to focus on his dressage career I’m sure we will be seeing these two in the ribbons.

Thank you so much for your time Katie Simpson, I really enjoyed meeting you both and hope you wear the prize with pride. The plum looked wonderful on him and he is such a special chap.