Once the boys were safely back in their beds after some epic Tatts 18 cross country action  we headed back to the lorry.

Tatts 18: TLC

It was a lovely warm evening, we had been blessed with the weather all week! Kicking back, we relived every fence of the cross country. Heather and Simmone didn’t stop at all, eventually I managed to get Heather to sit down and eat but Simmone just wanted to make sure the boys were just so. The TLC and devotion she shows the horses I’m sure is one of the reasons they try their hearts out (except when there is a patch of sand!)

Eventually we made our weary way to bed and had everything crossed the boys were refreshed and ready to go tomorrow. The trot up was early and we had to pack up and check out too. We made it in good time and helped with the finishing touches to the boys. They looked super perky and again immaculate.

Tatts 18: Trot, trot and charge!

Tatts has such a good set up there is a huge pre-trot up ring and I got some sneaky snaps of Simmone. I love watching everyone in the mornings, such a hive of activity and some seriously nice horses! Most riders were turned out to perfection, just like the horses.

Tatts 18

Percy was first for the trot up. Now most horses would be a little spritely after completing a very long XC the previous day. Not Percy though. Speeding around the flower pot he threw his head in the air and proceeded to drag Alex down the trot up strip before doing some rather floaty strides of trot. Cue all of us in stitches whilst half expecting to be told to re-trot up. He was passed and he strutted back to his box knowing that everyone was there for him.

Tatts 18

Tatts 18: Gently does it

Barry, like the true gentleman, he is calmly and professionally trotted up, passed with flying colours and calmly walked back to his box. They are so different these two. A bit of time for breakfast whilst the boys had a leg stretch in hand and then a quick course walk with Alex. The course was up to height and the oxers were rather large but nothing Percy couldn’t handle. I spent a while working out where I could maximum number of fences from.  All too soon it was show jump time for Percy!

Tatts 18: Ping Ping

I get so nervous watching them jump, I get just as emotional about the boys as anyone else does and I just want to see them do well. Lucky Percy brought his A game with him and jumped like a stag! He had springs on his feet and made the course look tiny. Clear and inside the time meant he finished in a very respectable 12thplace! Keep in mind there were 40 horses entered and he had a tantrum about some sand, that is a pretty pleasing result. This horse has so much potential I just hope he channels his talent in an appropriate way. Alex adores him and loves his cheeky nature so I think these two have a very exciting future.

Tatts 18

Lunch break, ice cream time and another course walk with Alex. This time is being the 3*. It was even bigger, even wider and tight on time. Nail biting! Barry was lying in 6thplace so there was every chance he could be getting placed! He jumped the first wonderfully, and the second but then he had a pole. Then another and one more. Bless his adorable white socks he was just tired. He tried so hard but couldn’t quite get his knees up.


He had just done one of the longest XC’s of his career and his first time jumping post XC at this level so it wasn’t a bad show at all. Just felt sad for Sarah, Alex and the team. Especially for Barry though, he would have been trying so very hard. Still everyone learnt a lot from the experience and he would have gained loads from the XC.

Tatts 18: Onwards and upwards

No frillies this time out but lots of lessons learnt. Missing your flight, whilst annoying isn’t the end of the world. I can drive aorund Ireland on my own. Plus the horses are in excellent form, are fit, love team Bragg and Percy doesn’t like random square patches of sand! All in all though what an excellent week and the summer is looking uber exciting for these guys!

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