The next instalment in the Ireland trip and it’s all about all three of the boys! Part on can be found here. Friday morning saw Shannondale Percy complete his dressage test.

Whilst there were lots of amazing parts he also took a dislike to a patch of sand in the arena and decided to be a wally. This horse warmed up impeccably and the previous night did a foot perfect run through but simply because he likes to keep you on your toes he thought he’d be silly.

Unsurprisingly he didn’t get the mark he is capable of but never the less it was a bad mark at all. He was put away and firmly told to sit on the naughty step and think about what he’d done, no cookies for him.

tattersalls 18

Tattersalls 2018: The Naughty Step

We left him thinking about the blasted patch if sand and we took Barry for a pick of grass and a leg stretch. He is such a gentleman. Snuffling around nibbling grass and inching closer and closer to the girls with their jelly tots! The girls are also adorable and are super helpful with the horses. Sienna is always nipping up and down on her bike fetching things and Ellouise is fab when it comes to walking them off.

Barry then got a lovely massage and he was tucked up for the day. Percy was looking at everyone like butter wouldn’t melt-you can’t be mad at him for long.

Tattersalls 2018: Cooga storms the XC

Then we had the rather handsome Cooga Hat Trick doing his cross country. He absolutely stormed around!! Like a total boss. All the tricky questions he answered and was easily within the time. Galloping and galloping he looked amaze balls. A scorching clear and a super-fast recovery which saw him looking for grass in about 10 mins. No one can say he’s not fit.

Tattersalls 2018

I Just adored the team effort at Team Bragg EventingThe owners really get to feel like part of the team and Cooga’s owners were there helping walk him off and wash him down.

Finally, I watched Barry doing some schooling ready for his big day tomorrow. Lots of gymnastic exercises to get him nice an agile. Fingers crossed they sleep well and are ready for tomorrow as we have the cross country!!

Tattersalls 2018: Trot up time

Cooga flew through his trot up and the boys were all super perky. We also found out that Mr Bragg won best turned out in the 3*Trot up on Wednesday-Happy dance! Thanks to Timothy Foxx Clothingand Mackenzie & Georgefor dressing him so smartly-makes my job nice and easy. Then it was a quiet hand graze for the boys. They really are adorable and had to share the same patch of grass. In the meantime, Mr Frog and Field and Alex went for a course walk with Alex and made some entertaining and informative videos which are over on the Facebook page.

Tattersalls 2018: XC Time Percy

First up was Percy.  He had to go show us what he was made off over the cross country. I think he must have heard us telling him he needed to pull his one sock up and he stormed round the course! It was pretty substantial and there was a fair few fails on course. Percy pinged around it like it was a pony club rally. Honestly this horse is so bloody talented (and he knows it!). He came home clear and inside the time. Similar to Cooga he was refreshed and recovered super quick. Looking for some grass and posing for some snaps. Such a cheeky monkey.

Tattersalls 2018

After a quick lunch break it was time for Cooga to go jump over the coloured poles. We worried that the time would be tight but Cooga was slotted in to give Alex a bit more time in between. As a result of there’s no jumping pictures. Not that it mattered because he went clear! This was his first CCI 1* and he nailed a double clear. Fan-bloody-tastic. This meant he climbed 37 places through his jumping and XC. One to watch for the future. He’s now having a well-deserved holiday.

Tattersalls 2018: Barry delivers

Everyone was still on tenterhooks and it was time for Barrichello’s Cross country, the 3*was big…really big!! Again, there were some serious questions asked of the horses and Barry answered every single one of them. He laid his heart on the line and galloped home like an absolute legend. Leaving him in 6th place going into the show jumping. What a star and a gentleman.

Tattersalls 2018

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