Cruelty Free Makeup: I’m an Oxymoron

By more than one person I have been described as an oxymoron……..No I’m not a complete idiot I’m just a bit bizarre. I swear A LOT yet I like to be posh sometimes, eat Maccy D’s or fancy food. I have a tattoo yet I love a Barbour Jacket and I eat meat but will only use  Cruelty Free Makeup….. the list goes on!

The testing on animals thing. Well this bugs me. I’ve spent years buying high end brands believing that I pay enough for them so surely someome could be pain to have it tested on them?? Well apparently not.

After much digging and website trawling I finally founds brands I like that don’t test on animals. I was so pleased I put together a blog post all my top picks of Cruelty Free Makeup. With the help of the magical bunny and the excellent website, cruelty free kitty  

Cruelty Free Makeup: ‘Posh’ Brands

So all my life I was fooled by the ‘posh brands’ thinking they would be the ones to go for. How wrong I was. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. There was the problem, I love high end brands. I’m totally convinced by the hype, I’m sucked into to plush packaging and fully believe it’s the stuff for me. Silly me you may all be thinking but I have tried and tested a few and there is some truth in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’.

Of course some of it is just very clever marketing. Be aware that some brands will say their end product isn’t tested on animals. This is not the same as cruelty free. They may be owned by a company that funds animal testing and indeed some of their ingredients will have been tested on animals. Cruelty free items will sport the bunny symbol on their products.

Cruelty Free Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury

My current go to brand is Charlotte Tilbury. Pretty much the ONLY premium brand to be featured as cruelty free on Cruelty Free Kitty. It doesn’t have the bunny which does concern me but it does state they are cruelty free on their website.

It has everything I love in a beauty product. Plush packaging, clever marketing and also great results. I wear their mascara everyday- full fat lashes one not the other one as that smudges terribly. The light wonder foundation is the perfect match for my very pale skin and I love their free samples. With every order it arrives beautifully packaged and with free samples. Perfect for those nights away at horse shows! I also treated myself to their palette in the sale and it has everything I need.

I still want to look selfie ready even on the cross ocuntry course.

Cruelty Free Makeup: The bunny

Lush proudly sports the bunny. Now I much prefer to shop online as I find the shop quite overpowering in it’s fragrance. They are the go to people for nice bath bombs, indulgent moisturiser and also shaving cream. It’s very hard to find the bunny on many items. Elizabeth Earle also has a lovely makeup collection and their brow pencil is a perfect fit for me. Slightly more budget friendly too. As is Autograph at Marks and Spencer. Very reasonable prices and excellent quality. Their mascaras come in brown, something my mother is pleased about, and they also have a large range of eyeshadows and nail varnish.