Margaux goes to RIHS: Thursday

Hello, it’s Margaux here! I’ve taken over the keyboard (I’m remarkably nimble you know) and I’m going to tell you all about my trip to The Royal International Horse Show- RIHS. As my mother spends most of her time telling you how nice it to be able to take dog I thought I’d let you know what it’s like from my point of view. Plus, mother is meant to be on holiday!

RIHS: Excitement Central

So I’d heard mummy getting all excited about getting accredited and doing a little dance around the kitchen. I think it’s a bit of kudos to get accredited and it also means she get to play with the big boys in the arena. Something she was super excited about! Anyways because I wanted to go along and see what she was wittering on about Father had to come too. We all loaded up the car, what I mean is mummy and daddy did this whilst I sat there keeping my hair dry.

Once they looked ready I ran around the car being annoying until the put me in my car seat. I have my very own special bed where I’m super comfortable. It’s really rather nice as I get to relax and get some beauty sleep whilst they do the hard work.

RIHS: Off we go

So I had a little snooze and hey presto we were there! Magic isn’t it. Off we all trundled, I was a little bit excited as there were lots of exciting smells and things to see. This meant I did pull a teeny bit on my harness (apparently quite a lot!) and then I got put on my collar. Pfft they just don’t understand what it is like to be a little person at these big events. Then because I was so excited I just had to go to the ladies.

Shockingly there was no ladies for me so I was forced to go right there and then. The shame of it. Still Father always clears up after me as Mother has normally run off at this point. This makes me rather upset as I love Mummy lots so then I annoy daddy by running really fast. We always get delayed as I’m rather gorgeous and everyone wants to stroke me. I don’t really mind but I wish the men would leave me alone. I really just love my daddy and nobody else. Daddy says it’s good for me though and positively encourages them! How rude.

RIHS: Dressage at Hickstead

Then mummy got her pass all sorted, que more excitement because it was pink. I mean I don’t blame her- I love pink. Daddy had to get his pass all sorted, that took quite some time but the kind lady in the barn said how pretty I was and I rather liked her. Suddenly we were off, weaving and dodging feet we made our way to somewhere called ‘The dressage’ It was a bit of a trek to be honest and I’m only little. Finally, we were there and I could have a little lay down.

Another lovely lady chatted to me whilst mummy took pictures of dancing horses. It’s not the most exciting thing for me to watch as I’m still new to all of this but I did love the skipping they did and my favourite bit was when they span around in a circle. Mummy says this makes nice pictures. Daddy was bored and so we went back to where we started. I really needed a drink and lots of the shop places had bowls out to have a drink. I’m ‘fussy’ is what they say so I have to choose my bowl wisely.

RIHS: Off we go

RIHS: Cider for Daddy

Mummy could sense daddy was bored and I was getting rather tired so she parked us up in the stands. Both mummy and daddy forget to bring my bed so I had to sleep on the floor- just not okay, I am a princess after all. I made do though as I don’t like to moan and had a snooze whilst mummy brought alcohol for daddy. Then mummy disappeared into a big field with lots of coloured things in it. Apparently we were watching the eventer challenge. Daddy sat me on the seat so I could watch and mummy waved from the field. I rather liked the view and I got to meet Tara again who always gives me fuss. I rather enjoyed watching the horses whizz around.

Actually looked quite fun and Daddy says its similar to something called agility which I’m doing next year. Hopefully I don’t have to jump as high as them! One poor lady, I think her name was Pippa, fell off! I don’t really know what happened one minute they were flying around and then the next she was on the floor- I hope she is okay.


RIHS: Winners

The person who went the quickest and didn’t knock anything down won. He was riding a very pretty white horse; he is a King so we have lots in common! Mummy then came back and faffed with her camera for a bit-apparently you have to be quick to edit and tweet-whatever that means. I thought we were going home and so did daddy but nope mummy dragged us all the ways over the showground to watch a little boy called George. I like little people so I didn’t mind and he won something called a championship. Everyone was very excited and screamed lots. I didn’t like that. Then he got to wear lots of ribbons and prance around having his photo taken.

Mummy normally takes them of me! Why is she taking them of the horses?


RIHS: Home time

Then daddy carried me back to car as I was still very tired and I am precious to him after all. I had a lovely snooze in my magical car seat and hey presto we were home! As I can’t take pictures Mummy has just inserted her own into the post- more rudeness. Still she does look after so I suppose I’ll let her. More from me later, I’ve rather enjoyed myself xxx