Sometimes we have to wait a while for something to happen. There’s normally a reason why and often it’s worth the wait. Terri and Dita’s shoot was one of those things. Way back in October Terri took me up on one of my introductory offers and we waited until this week to get the shoot done.

An Equine Portrait Shoot: Dita

It was so worth it! At the beginning of the Year Dita wasn’t feeling tip top suffering from hay fever.  Once Dita was feeling better then poor Terri broke her ribs! Still they seem to both fully recovered and back on form. Although Terri was nursing a bit of a summer cold

Dita is an absolute delight and despite Terri telling me she didn’t put her ears forward I think she was proving her mummy wrong! She posed like a star and Terri wasn’t bad either.  Dita is a full, pink papered, branded Hanoverian mare who likes turn her hoof to Dressage. They’ve been out competing at Elementary and hope to get back out there again this summer. Terri bred Dita and it’s clear they have a fantastic bond. Dita rather enjoyed her easy day and was more than happy pose for some treats.



An Equine Portrait Shoot: Terri

Looking fabulous in a range of outfits Terri pulled out a fantastic shoot. Despite feeling a little under the weather and so giving ridden shots a miss Terri’s amazing smile shone through. She was super prepared bringing a range of outfits, including a sparkly red dress. Under the willow tree and against Dita’s colourings it just worked! Also the trusty jeans and shirt combo came out and with some subtle touches. Like a belt to match Dita’s lovely new browband Terri looked fabulous. She admit though that she felt far more comfortable in the jeans and I think this is true of many of us.  Terri being so prepared meant we have heaps of pictures to choose from and it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

An Equine Portrait Shoot: Thank you!

Dita and Terri have had a fair few ups and downs throughout their partnership but they are on the home straight now. Having had a break for personal reasons Terri hopes to be back out competing soon and I can’t wait to see them out there in their bling! Lots of love to this gorgeous pair and a huge hug to Terri for being such a fab model. It really was one of those shoots that everything just fell in to place. The sun even joined us!


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