I consider myself Simply a Horse Lover. Often I am asked will you ever own your own horse again? Do you miss having your own to ride? I ponder over the answer and then I realise that I’m actually not too fussed about it either way.

I follow a young lady called Sophie over on Instagram, she’s become a bit of an inspiration to me. The journey she has been on with her horses is nothing short of magical. Plus, she’s pretty nifty with the camera so her feed is super pretty. Sophie has Torrin and Alvaro, her two horses that she used to ride a lot. Mostly bareback or bridle-less but still she rode a lot. In a traditional school. She was always very into the more holistic and communication side of things but recently she’s taken a massive detour.

She acquired a field. A massive field, with natural water supply and acres of land for them to roam. Then she turned then out. She allowed them to simply be horses. She visited them and showed them where to find the water. Watching them find their feet and explore. It was magical to watch. I can tell she’s struggled with the path that she has taken. Often questioning herself and wondering if it’s the right thing.

Simply a Horse Lover: Just allow yourself to be

Sometimes she rides them, sometimes she goes on walks with them. Other times she simply allows herself to sit in a field and enjoy their company. Something that I think is greeted with a lot of scoffing. Why on earth would you want to just enjoy a horse’s company? Why wouldn’t you ride them? Well it’s ok to simply sit and cuddle a cat or dog so why not a horse?

I think this comes down to cost. Horses are expensive, they suck money out of you. Either by eating it all, needing somewhere to live, needing new clothes or hurting themselves. So, I guess it must be hard to justify the idea of keeping a horse just for their company. For me though I find horse therapeutic. I love riding, I really do. Currently I am having lessons every other week and I adore riding the old boy, Algie. We have lots great feels and I’ve gone right back to basics with my riding. Building up my skills and refining my technique. I am determined to ride better and feel safer! Still though I am reluctant to say I’d like to own my own to ride.

Simply a Horse Lover: The bond

There’s something very special about the bond you have with your horse and I have to say Gemma and Tavish’s story is inspirational. There’s just no guarantee that’ll be how it turns out. I’m not sure I want that pressure. If I have a bad lesson, that’s simply all it is. A bad lesson. Move on to the next one and work on it. However, when it’s your horse and your whole world that pressure is too much.

Simply a Horse Lover

Simply a Horse Lover: Pandora and Percy

Do you know what I’d like to do? I’d like to rescue a foal, a small breed, maybe a section A. Then I’d love to be able to keep it at home. With a pygmy goat for a friend. The pony will be Pandora and the goat Percy. Then I’ll be able to simply spend time with Pandora. Grooming her, taking her for a walk. Just enjoy listening to the sound of her grazing. I will clearly want to take many many pictures of her so I hope she knows that she will have to pose lots!

I really do miss being around horses, when it’s a quiet week with shoots I miss the smell of them. The little noses and the way they interact with each other. My time at Athena showed me how much I enjoy watching the behaver and sometimes there’s no better way to spend an evening than with a glass of wine/G&T or a cider in the field with the horses. Richard and I used to go and sit in the fields with the foals and just enjoy the evening sun whilst watching them be foals. It really was a very simple way to spend an evening but one that was also therapeutic.

So, if we are all honest with ourselves what is it that we love or get enjoyment from? It’s okay to change your mind, to follow the path the appears in front of you. Just remember just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.