Last year I missed the bluebells so this year I was prepared and got some lovely ones of Margaux looking her normal stunning self, but I was keen to get some horsey ones. Model calls are a great way to build up a portfolio in the less popular months and also allows the photographer, me, a bit more of a free rein. So, when Gemma responded to a post volunteering her services I snapped it up with a Woodland Fairy Tale in mind.

Wedding Dress-why not?

As the conversation progressed Gemma confessed to wanting to wear her wedding dress again. I took no persuasion and immediately started planning a wedding dress shoot. We planned a date and prayed very very very hard to weather gods. Clearly, we didn’t pray hard enough as sure enough it was raining. However, we worked out we had a couple of hours dry-ish in the morning and just went for it.

Gemma had prepped Tavish to perfection and we walked him to the location in a rug and bandages. Ensuring he was as clean as he could be. It was hairy walk due to immense rain and one of us did take tumble in the mud, but it was all laughed off and we were well prepared with umbrellas and so on. Lucky for us the rain stopped, and we got exactly what we wanted.

Woodland Fairy Tale

Fresh from the Highlands

Gemma and Tavish have got such an adorable story I just have to share it with you. Gemma got into riding a little later in life and after buying herself an unsuitable first horse, her words not mine, she embarked on a mission for her second. Her first horse became a very happy field ornament and Gemma decided to find her next horsey friend. Having done some research, she settled on a Highland Pony. Realising that her budget wouldn’t stretch to one that was broken and riding away she decided to buy an unbroken one! To many this sounds absolutely mad, but the rest is even more bonkers.

In one of the worst storms for 40 years Gemma and her hubby made a trip to the Highlands, yup Scotland, to go find a pony. They arrived at a stud and watched the herd being rounded up from the hills. Tavish was the first pony she looked at. He stood in the field whilst she ran her hands all over him, even down his legs. Once finished she walked away only to find him following her. Deciding that she couldn’t buy the first one Gemma looked at others, still Tavish followed her. Needless to say, he was hers!

No Headcollar included

A long wait followed with Tavish being rounded up and driven down. On arrival Gemma found a wild Highland Pony lose in a horse box not even wearing a headcollar! Eventually he was persuaded to get out of the box and he promptly ran off across the yard. I think at that point Gemma wondered what on earth she had done.  With the help of her fantastic instructor and lots of time it got to the point where Tavish was ready to back. Fast forward three years and they’ve done everything together. I’ve seen them out with the Coakham and they love cross country schooling.

A Woodland Fairy Tale

Tavish isn’t a fan of coloured poles and he can be described as a bit thug like on the ground. To be fair to him  he wasn’t touched till he was 4. So that’s to be understood. I totally fell in love with him and even had to have a cheeky selfie with him. He posed like a dream, occasionally having diva moments, and looks magical amongst the woodland. Sadly, the bluebells were a bit squished by the rain.

I hope Gemma is pleased with the results and their story is truly a fairy tale.

Woodland Fairy Tale