Well hasn’t it just been a very long winter. I hate fact that yet again I’m typing that’s it been a while since I last posted blah blah, but truth be told there’s a couple of reasons for this. First up it won’t have escaped your attention that it has been one of the greyest and dampest springs for a long time.

Now despite many people declaring how busy they are on Facebook and how the winter is just as pretty as the summer I just don’t buy it. It cold, its wet and everyone is struggling to get out and about on their ponies. Being a fairly honest straight talker means that I’ll say it how it is. Business is pants at the moment. Pretty epically sparse and rubbish.

Rain, rain and more rain

Every event I had lined up to go to has been cancelled. My timeline is just cancelled event after cancelled event. So, no pretty eventing pictures to blog about or to fill my Facebook page with. Most of the drag hunts in my area, Kent, have barely been out. The majority of  Cross-country courses are closed as the ground is so bad and I think everyone is a little bit fed up of the grey.

No shoots mean no money coming in so it’s just as well I still have my Veterinary Nursing job and I actually really enjoy it.

How glorious last week was, the heady heights of 27 Degrees created a flurry of bookings. Then one by one they’ve dropped off and been postponed. I did get to one very special shoot yesterday which will be featuring on the next instalment of the blog-trust me it’s a good one! I just long for some warmth and some dry weather. Still we mustn’t grumble and instead make best of the situation. Pole clincis have been good fun and I’ve enjoyed being able to take more relaxed pace.

S is for Spring

This has also meant I’ve been able to help a number of small business and also get some tips and hints together. Which I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone over at Pferd Images. Plus, the website is nicely up to date and we’ve also had the time to make some life decisions.

Spring-A fresh start

So, this leads me onto reason number two. Mr Frog and Field has decided to go consulting and this has meant that we are planning to move! Cue lots of painting and house titivating plus very long chats with estate agents. All really exciting but lots of work and juggling balls and finances. The lovely new lens I wanted is going to have to wait-sadly.  Still it’s so refreshing to have a plan. Plus, there a couple of very exciting little projects on the go at the moment. So, for now it’s just a question of waiting and trawling back through my archives for content at the moment. Sorry but just blame our seemingly long winter

In an attempt to perk everyone up this long winter there is a giveaway on the Facebook page at the moment and the job for the weekend is to work out how to pick a winner- wish me luck!