Blimey I have got rather behind with the blog and truth be told I’ve still not posted the blog post I intended too. Currently pondering over them and debating if they will ever see the light of day. Instead I’ve gone for a light-hearted and jolly post all about Baskervilles, a wonderful dog friendly coffee shop in Kent.

I had seen Baskervilles on my Facebook feed and was very excited to see that they welcomed doggies. Most of you know I have a cockapoo called Margaux, who is my pride and joy. If Margaux can’t go then I’m unlikely to go too! So, I was delighted when I saw this new coffee shop.

Baskervilles: A Doggy Heaven

We decided to make the most of their Saturday opening and husband and I, with Margaux in tow, headed down there to sample the delights. We weren’t disappointed. A warm welcome from Celeste, Baskervilles Owner, and a good range of drinks and cakes greeted us. The banana, pecan and toffee pancakes caught our eyes and were quickly ordered. Celeste is a doggy lover and is the proud owner of a Frenchi called Nellie.

A yummy hot (and it actually was hot) chocolate with some marshmallows was enjoyed whilst we waited for the food. The pancakes arrived and looked A-Mazing! Dripping in sauce with heaps of bananas and plenty of pecans, they tasted as good as they looked. Margaux was treated to a doggy biscuit and she was right at home. A second visit followed over Easter with our pals from On Point and we weren’t disappointed on a second trip. We enjoyed a well cooked and fresh brunch and also sampled the Vegan delights. Not only did these little delights look wonderful they tasted delightful. So much so they converted my very anti-vegan/gluten free etc. dad and he left not a crumb. We had both the cupcakes and a slice of cake and we were left wanting more.



Baskervilles: Buy Local and Support Small Businesses

One of the nice things about Baskervilles, apart from the warm welcomes and the dog friendliness is the very reasonable price tags. When a brunch can get expensive it’s nice to see that the menu isn’t overpriced. The vegan treats are a little pricier but having tried to make some of these I know it’s because the Raw ingredients are not cheap. Plus, they are so worth it.


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Finally, the icing on the vegan-cake is the fact that it’s a fellow small business. It isn’t a chain and every cup of tea or coffee you buy is supporting an actual person. A lovely person at that too. The next time you fancy a treat r a brunch with your canine pal why not pop along? There’s plenty of free parking and you’ll struggle to find a friendlier welcome.