I had my second session on Hoggy with Nicola Bell at Sparrows Oast during the week. He is really rather helpful and I do feel like my riding has improved just from the few sessions I have had with him and also June Long. Trotting in balance is still rather challenging but I’m telling myself it’s like learning to ride all over again. So, I need to be patient.

Nicola Bell-Hoggy’s Better Half

My session really wouldn’t have been the same without the wisdom from Nicola Bell, Hoggy’s better half as I like to call her! One thing that has been made so clear for me when blogging is that you guys, the readers want to get to know the person. Whilst Hoggy has lots of plastic personality it truly is Nicola’s training and personality that makes the sessions so worthwhile.

Nicola is highly trained and experienced dressage rider. Whilst she isn’t out there on the podiums every weekend, like the goddess Charlotte, she has so much knowledge and is normal! We had a funny conversation about how we all aspire to be like Charlotte, I mean I want to just ride effectively and sustainably, but Nicola is realistic and knows I will never be Charlotte. She also doesn’t pretend that I ever will be. This is what makes her so personable and such a great trainer.

Sparrows Oast is a little gem in UIcombe and whilst the roads are narrow in places it’s easy enough to get to. Nicola also offers training packages and the one I would have loved to have done with Honey is the 2-hour special. You have a Hoggy session and then hop straight onto your own horse to practice what you’ve learnt. Something that would be interesting to watch too. I reckon we are sometimes responsible for a lot of our horse’s ‘issues’

Nicola Bell-10 Facts about Hoggy’s Better Half

We got chatting some more and the more sessions I have the more I really respect her. Plus, she is very funny and incredibly honest. I managed to ask her to do a guest blog for me and to start with we went with some interesting facts about her. Honesty I was surprised by the golf one!

  1. I enjoy playing golf even if it is rather poorly!!
  2. My favourite breed of dog is an English Pointer
  3. I first sat on a pony on a family holiday in Scotland when I was 6. 
  4. Before I converted to dressage I enjoyed hunting and XC. 
  5. I used to love skiing and once skied of a mountain attached to a parachute, now its sunny holiday and 18 holes of golf! 
  6. My inner Girly comes out in the form of hair extensions and why other youth enhancing treatment or cream I can afford!!
  7. I am 50 this year and totally refuse to celebrate it in any way! Mainly due to the fact that I still have not competed at GP!!
  8. I love long lunches in London with my husband. 
  9. I tend to keep horse talk to business hours and rarely mention them when in social situations!!
  10. Despite attempting the quick Times crossword every day, I have only finished it once!

She’s a girl after my own heart, except the skiing bit. Never could understand why you want to get cold on holiday! She’s also in good company with Bell from On Point with the Pointer love.

For more about Nicola and the services she offers hop over to her website. If you book yourself in get in touch- you may get a photography session too.