Often, I am asked to keep secrets. The nice kind of secrets though. The kind where someone has been asking for prices and packages. Whilst all the while someone else has snuck in and done the buying for them. Abbie and Domino’s shoot was just that.

A while ago Abbie was asking me about my Black background sessions and what it would involve. Then her mum got in touch and asked about buying a session for Abbie. I assured her that Abbie would indeed love it as she had been in touch. I got an excited message from Abbie a little while later exclaiming her delight at her mum’s present and asking what she did next. Well the next step was to get a date in the diary!

Abbie and Domino: A secret corner

Abbie is the Yard Manager at Buckswood School, so we had to plan around children. We agreed on the 1stof July and then we waited. You may all have noticed that we are in the middle of a heatwave and so we had to go for a later slot. On arrival I was greeted by the cutest yard, compete with bunting. Nestled in the corner of the school grounds it’s truly a delight. Cute little touches like bows on all the doors and lots of information about the ponies. Abbie showed me round and we had a look at potential spots. She seemed a bit worried about the fact it wasn’t a super posh yard, she had no reason to worry though! The yard was perfect.

Abbie and Domino

Domino was then introduced to me. A super friendly piebald cob who was merrily trying to rub his bum against the walls! Hogged mane and a sparkling white tail, he was a picture-perfect cob. Unbelievably he is 20 years old! Abbie and he share such a cute story. Abbie being an ex-pupil of Buckswood who never left! She’s ridden Domino for years and years and still considers him her baby. Abbie has worked her way up from student and is now yard manager. She has the yard in tip top condition and all the ponies loved her.

Abbie and Domino: Turbo Cob

In his youth Domino and Abbie had a lot of fun! Pictures of him doing cross country can be seen around his box. Abbie explained that whilst he doesn’t have the most traditional jumping style he has a heart of gold. Whatever you ask him to do he will do his best. For this reason, he now enjoys a quieter pace of life. His mind is willing, but he has an older body, bless him. Still he loves teaching the kids to ride and happily schools over little jumps, showing them the way. He still enjoys cross country and will happily show the student the ropes.

Abbie and Domino: Food glorious food

First of all, we got the black background pics under our belts, these were on the must do list for Abbie. He was a gentleman for these and he looks stunning against a black background. Then we went for a walk. I spotted some lovely purple flowers that I knew would look fab. Small problem with them being on the edge of a pond, I only nearly fell in! Then we headed to the vineyards in search of some shade. Once in some shade we were able to get some super pretty shots and Abbie fully got into model mode! She looked stunning, perfect outfit, Fairfax and Favour boots and a lovely bond with Domino. Laughing even when he stuffed his face with leaves from a tree. He thought about his tummy a lot and Abbie had a job to keep his attention. Still mum was on hand with some polos and she did a cracking job.

Slightly short of our 2-hour slot we called it a day. The flies and the heat had won, and Domino was keen for his field. Still we had a blast and I hope Abbie enjoyed it as much I did.


Thank you Abbie for introducing me to the fabulous Domino, he is one in a million!