Vicki and Grace, what a treat this was. Vicki got in touch with me last Christmas when she had managed to convince her other half to buy a voucher for a portrait session with me. Excitedly I realised that Grace, her mare, was the same Grace I used to ride many years ago. Vicki was keen for a summer shoot, so it was a while before I got to see them both.

In the middle of a heatwave we decided to go for a late evening session. Something that I sometimes get a little nervous about because there’s a deadline, when it gets dark! Still given the heat I think we were both glad we went for a later slot.

As I drove into the estate the views and the scenery took my breath away! It was incredible. Huge expanses of green, pretty hedges, a stone wall, rows of lilac flowers and everything was immaculate. Absolute heaven and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Vicki and Grace: A smile is all you need

Vicki was there with a huge smile on her face. She’s always so happy I love seeing her. Eagerly she showed me to Grace. She had a huge box in the nicest yard. She hadn’t changed a bit and gobbled up the polos I had. It was lovely seeing her so well and happy. We had chat whilst Grace ate (this was to be the theme of the shoot) and decided on some spots that would work well. Grace looked a picture, Vicki had prepped her well. A simple bath is often all that’s needed, and we just popped some hoof oil on her before we got on with the black backgrounds. There was a huge barn which was perfect, so we got those done nice and easily.

Then it was time for a wander. I mean we were spoilt for choice and ambled around enjoying the gorgeous flowers and endless areas of green. There were a few random sheep just for fun that were free range. It all added to the fun. Vicki has owned Grace for a few years and has been based at the current yard for just over 2 years. Vicki and Grace have a wonderful partnership and Vicki’s face lights up whenever she talks about her. They’ve had lots of fun and regularly compete in hunter trials. As well as show jumping and most recently a Pammy Hutton clinic.

Vicki and Grace an Equine portrait session in Kent

Vicki and Grace: A perfect pair

Vicki absolutely adores Grace, even when she is photobombing her or trying to steal every bit of greenery she can get her mouth on. She did make us giggle with her constant need for food. Every chance she got she had a snack, hey she’s a girl after my own heart. I have to say Grace loved the camera as much as she loved snacks and there isn’t a picture without her putting her ear forwards and looking angelic. Vicki’s choice of a pretty dress also worked beautifully with the landscape and the look we were going for-good choice Vicki.

Vicki and Grace

Vicki is also the brains behind 21st Century Rider and Grace gets to test run any new and exciting products, such as the equi-sense. Lucky thing. Vicki praises the product hugely as Gracie sadly picked up an injury at the beginning of the year. The Equi Sense picked it up and Vicki was able to get Grace in tip top form again. They’ve re-found their mojo this summer with a win at a hunter trials and now lots of plans for more eventing-yay! We ended the session with some branded products and then it was time to say good night. The time simply flew by, always a good sign,

Vicki describes Grace as her sanity, the kindest mare that ever was and it really was a pleasure to see how loved Gracie is.

Vicki and Grace

Thank you Vicki for a wonderful evening and for looking after Gracie so well