Saturday at Royal Windsor Horse Show saw an immense number of classes. I was up early and refreshed from my great night of sleep, so I headed down to Royal Windsor Horse Show (RWHS).

I was fully expecting a huge que of traffic and a nightmare to park, but nope in I sailed. The only niggle is that car park pass issued to media is only for one day, so each day you have to get a new one. I didn’t realise that so ended up paying to park. A bit irritating but I will know for next year. One huge perk of being media accredited is the facilities, a place to dump your bags and coats. Trust me if you’ve felt the weight of our cameras you’ll know how amazing this is. You have to sign in and leave a deposit for a bib/Gillett with your assigned number on. Once you’ve got this it’s off you go.

First Mission

My first mission of the day was to source some plasters, my ‘smart’ boots (there is a dress code at RWHS) had let me down and I was crippled from the previous day. Note to self-add plasters to the photography bag. The very kind people in the first aid tent provided me with some plasters which helped for a bit but still my feet were sore, even my beloved Bareback boots were rubbing. Coupled with a crippling headache I was not a happy chicken when I visited the Noble Outfitters stand. She sensed my pain and offered her supply of painkillers to me, gratefully I accepted.

Whilst there I purchased some Pedies Socks and hobbled back to the media tent to try them out. If you don’t have any of these socks you need to buy some. A thin top section is coupled with a padded foot section and they have a soft sheen which means zero rubbing in boots. A godsend which meant I could enjoy the day and went in search of ponies.

Working Hunters

I started at the working hunter ring. I have a soft spot for a mountain and moorland pony so I did enjoy watching this class. Although I wouldn’t have liked to ride in it! The fences were tough, tricky with some tough angles. There were skinnies and one Squirrel shaped jump caught a couple of riders out with a couple of tumbles. Although this is entertaining for the spectators I do feel sorry for them. A lot of time and money goes into the prep for a show of Royal Windsor’s calibre and to fall off at the second is heart breaking. Still the winner was well deserved and there was a great atmosphere in the ring.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Police Horses

 I then headed to the warmup ring where I had spotted some of my police horse friends from the Mounted police. Rebel was a favourite of mine up on Epsom Downs and I was chuffed to see him strutting his stuff in the first phase of the services jumping. Then it was time to go and watch some Welshies, the Section D’s. Another class full of superbly turnout horses and riders. I wouldn’t have wanted to be the judge of that class. A gorgeous Dun stallion galloped his way into the lead and won his class. More about him on my Facebook page. At this point the rain came and I made a hasty retreat to the Media Tent to edit and upload some pictures.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Show Jumping

A short lunch break where I manged to source some sweet potato fries-mmmmmmm and it was back to show jumping. This show really does have something for everyone, I even managed to catch a glimpse of carriage driving on my way back. The show jumping featured some big names and even bigger jumps. One by one poles were sent rolling and in some cases flying. Bertram couldn’t get Molly over the second fence which caused a great surprise. Just 7 clears went into the jump off which was won by Abdul Said, followed by Ben and then Kent. Kent’s horse had me in stitches, bucking after every fence and generally being a clown, but holy moly he can jump. Once the jump off was done I swung by and visited some show ponies before a quick snap with Frogberry and on my way home.

Royal Windsor Horse Show: A treat for all

I reflected on the show whilst driving home and already started planning for next year. Royal Windsor Horse Show is truly a unique show, it doesn’t have the feel of a county show but rather a mini Olympia. All very glam, well run, fab shopping and posh loos. The staff are all great too and there is a wonderful atmosphere, another one I highly recommend.