I do love a wedding, especially a Cotswold Wedding! So, I was super excited when my friend and business buddy, Tara sent one of her adorable country invites my way.

Cotswold Wedding: Country Glam

The invite gave a hint of what was too come, a cute pheasant invitation with the polite message that they had chosen to have a child free day. Perfect as far as was concerned. I’m always baffled why people feel the need to invite every small person under the age of 10, this is excluding their own obviously. As far as my experience have gone parents feel like they have to bring them if they’ve been invited, the children get bored, cry at inappropriate moments or even gate crash the first dance. Leave them with the grandparents and come get sozzled!

Anyways let’s move on! The wedding. So, a long old drive up the dreaded m25 and m4 and finally we were in the glorious Cotswolds. I love it up there. So, green, so quaint and just perfect. There were fields of poppies, loads of horses and just green as far as the eye could see. We arrived at the farm and was amazed at the cracking job Si and Tara had done. Two tractors with bunting greeted the guests and there were straw bales dotted around plus a fire pit. No time to look further as we had to walk up to the church. Oh, my word it was the sweetest quaintest church I ever did see. Just big enough for the intimate amount of guests Tara and Si had invited.

Cotswold Wedding: A little late

Tara kept Si waiting a little while and the whole time he kept his eyes to the front. Eventually I could see Tara outside, she looked incredible! She also looked very emotional bless her. I could see her taking some deep breaths and There was the usual ceremony of beautiful words mixed with multiple hymns that not many of us could sing and shocker…no kiss the bride! What’s was all that about?? Still Si and Tar made up for it outside the church and the natural confetti was fab.

Cotswold Wedding

Then it was another short trot back to the farm for some canapes and bubbly. The bubbly was free flowing, never was your glass empty-how it should be really. Plus, the canapes were hot, fresh and yummy. We were blessed with sunshine and so we spent a delightful hour or so eating, drinking and chatting. In the meantime, Tara and Si had snuck away for some horse pictures with her beloved Ollie. On their return, it was time for food and a peak at the marquee. The marquee was gorgeous, so beautiful.

Cotswold Wedding: Peony Perfection

Tara had done such an amazing job. A rustic table plan made by Si’s sister and we were lucky to be on thoroughbred table. The flowers were pretty, elegant and very pink, a week later I still have my table flowers on the windowsill. The larger arrangements were stunning and smelt divine, well done Bijoux Floral.The marquee had open sides as well which meant we had the gorgeous Cotswolds country side to admire whilst eating. A large oval table for the top table and cute name places made out of shot gun cartridges.


Cotswold Wedding

Cotswold Wedding


Normally wedding food can be a bit hit and miss, catering for large numbers is tricky. Si and Tara nailed it. Huge joints of meat were served with all the trimmings and there was an allocated carver on each table. Such fun! I’m slightly ashamed to say there wasn’t a scrap of food left on our table. Pudding was just as yummy and then to be honest the rest of the afternoon whizzed by. Speeches were had, tears were shed and then we all played table tennis and drank. Honestly the food and drink was awesome. The tractor scoops were filled with booze and we all milled around enjoying the afternoon sun.

Cotswold Wedding: Disco Dancing

The DJ was epic and went on till the small hours. Before sunset I grabbed Si and Tara for a quick snap in the fields and a moment for themselves. After some disco dancing we headed back just before midnight and had the most amazing stay at The Angel in Sherston, one to go back to that’s for sure. The morning came around far too quick and we met back at the marquee. I think we were all a little sad that the day was done but everyone couldn’t stop talking about the day and how perfect it was.


Thank you, Mr and Mrs Best, you throw a cracking party! Have a wonderful honeymoon and see you soon