Ah the Hickstead Derby, I loved this show last year and so when Accreditation time around I was all over it! Once again, we had the most amazing weather and a fab few days.

Traffic is a major bugbear of mine, see my RWHS post, and I hate queuing. So, I headed to the Hickstead Derby super early. My efforts paid off and I had fab journey arriving to no que and just went straight in. One of the perks about being Press is that you get forward parking. This is great because our equipment is really quite heavy and it’s much easier to pop back and forth. The forward parking though is literally opposite the ring, so you have to crowd dodge to get to it, always a fun exercise.

A quick hello to fellow and all round nice guy, Nigel, and then it was off to the press office. For the Hickstead Derby you have to trade in a bit of paper and get the little card pass, I love these passes, and have them all displayed at home. This year was a rather bright red which I’ll add to the collection and is sat alongside my Tatts one. Happy memories.

Hickstead Derby: Scurrying for the win

I’ve said it time and time again but one of the best parts about these bigger events, like RWHS and the Hickstead Derby, is the range of disciplines. There is always so much to see and do and I wondered to the back arenas to watch a little bit of show jumping, with a very entertaining ring steward. Her announcements had me dying, clearly a lot of people weren’t being very prompt, and she seemed to have lost the will a little. I don’t blame her! Over in the other ring there was scurry driving! I blooming love this class and one day there will be me and Richard with two mad little section As, I’ve not got names yet, but they’d have to be photo related surely?

Hickstead Derby

The winner of the class was so surprised bless her and they all shared great camaraderie, something that is admirable in this competitive world. I love being able to mooch around snapping random little moments as I go, and I sometimes feel like the odd one out at these events because it’s not all about the main event for me. Still I did head back to the main arena. On my way finding a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while, always fab. Plus, cruising past the 21stCentury Rider stand. Vicky you did a cracking job! It looked brilliant and I know you had a great first show at the Hickstead Derby.

Hickstead Derby: Pimms O’Clock

A little bit of show jumping in the main ring followed and the jumps were HUGE. Standard really, I mean it is the Hickstead Derby meeting. Then a little watch of some riding horses and it was time for lunch. Some Pimms and then we parked up by the working hunter arena. My favourite class ever and one I always enjoyed doing when I had Honey. It’s always a tough course at the Hickstead Derby and this was no exception. An unassuming ditch in the back corner caused chaos. Some horses simply saying no, some pinging over it stag style and just 3 clear rounds! I feel in love with a Chestnut gelding, he reminded me so much of Grace, a mare I used to ride. Plus, he looked like a sweetie too. He did a lovely test and had cracking confirmation.



Hickstead Derby Hickstead Derby

Another dash back across the show ground to watch the Hack Championship and see Jo Bates winning the class. Such a beautiful horse and very well turned out, as always. Then it was time for me to head back home and get editing. Smiling all the way home, a little bit sunburnt and lots of memories of a great day with wonderful friends.

Hickstead Derby