Anyone who follows my blog will know I’m a lover of Plumpton Racecourse. This is for a couple of reasons, mainly because they took a gamble and allowed me to take photographs and also because it’s a firm favourite for L & K Jewell Racing. They have had a lot of success here, notably the Sussex National.



Plumpton Racecourse: Opening Meet

Mostly Plumpton race on the Monday but as it was a family friendly day and the start of the jumps season there it was held on a Sunday. Reasonably priced for adults and with the bonus of children going for free it’s a fairly mid-budget day out. Lots of places to eat and plenty of opportunity to bring a picnic. There is ample parking-these things count- and the option to park in the centre of the racecourse. Ideal for visitors with kiddies and dogs who want to stay out of the hustle and bustle. When it’s busy it can be crowded, especially around the parade rings.


Plumpton only has the parade ring. Some courses have a pre-parade ring and then a parade ring. I think it just depends on the course. This does have some benefits because you can watch the horses get saddled up. Believe me there is a quite a craft to this. Cloths have to be straight and un-creased plus the girths need to be equal on both sides. It is also interesting to see how the horses react to being saddles etc. Are they relaxed and know what they are doing? Perhaps it is their first run and they need to find their feet. They could also be dancing on the spot-raring to go! Go along and watch sometimes it’s another part of racing that not everybody sees.


Plumpton Racecourse

Plumpton Racecourse

Plumpton Racecourse: The sun had his hat on

The weather has to be mentioned. I have been absolutely freezing at Plumpton and my slug coat visited the racecourse many a time. This time though it was warm, so fabulously warm we even had no coats. Shocker! I do think the weather has a huge impact on your enjoyment of the day. As long it’s dry you’ll always have fun. Just remember to take lots of layers and chuck an extra coat in the boot. I’m undecided about when it’s raining though. If you’ve got an interest in a horse or you are there working, it’s different to just being there for a day out. That said there is plenty of shelter and it’s what you make it to be.


Plumpton Racecourse: No luck today

My betting luck had been used up at Sandown and I lost every bean. I go with a £10 betting budget and I can only keep going using the winnings. If I don’t win then I can’t bet. It’s the safest way to do it and it’s a very addictive activity and you can easily get carried away.

I met up with some racing buddies too which was great. Nick who was so helpful during the last season and stopped me getting trampled many a time! Plus, Harriet who has been a firm supporter of both myself and L & K Jewell. I’m so grateful for the chance to do racing photography and these people have all played a pivotal role.




Plumpton Racecourse


Plumpton Racecourse


Plumpton Racecourse: See you next time?

So a few lose horses, one of which did 4 laps of the track, so he’ll be one to watch for the nationals and some interesting jumping meant it was quite an action packed day. I took a while to get my mojo back, eventers jump much slower than racehorses!! Very much looking forward to spending some more time on the track, next meeting is the 23rd of October and perhaps I’ll see some of you there?


Plumpton Racecourse by Frog and Field

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