The post you all kept asking for is finally here, Equine and Country Events 2017. Honestly there hasn’t been an event I haven’t got something out of. They have all been slightly different and there are definitely some I would prioritise over others. That said I think it very much depends on what you want out of a show. For example if you are taking a non-horsey other half (NHOH) then what you want to see will be very different to if you were competing.

Top Equine and Country Events 2017- What to book for 2018

Top 5

Tattersalls International Horse Trials & Country Fair

What was good?

Relaxed, super friendly. Excellent access, reasonably priced and fab for photographers. Hotel was amazing and the husband loved it! There is something about the charm of the Irish and if you get there early enough you get to watch them exercise on the gallops!

Plus they did the most amazing Nutella Ice-cream-that alone is worth the trip.

What was bad?
Had to fly so Margaux had to stay home and the shopping isn’t great. I’m hoping this will grow in time but for now it’s great if you don’t want to spend much.

Equine and Country Events 2017

Royal Windsor Horse Show

What was good?
Amazing shopping, lovely food, great location. Heaps to see and do! So much I can’t explain it all in this short post. I mean you could spend all day wandering around there. There is carriage driving, showing, dressage, show jumping and loads of bits to see and do. Honestly it’s a fab day out. You can also make the most of being near Windsor too so could make a nice weekend of it.
What was bad?
No dogs, accommodation expensive and quite busy, I’d probably go in the week rather than a weekend.

Barbury International Horse Trials

What was good?
Stunning location, easy to see everything that was going on, good shopping and both the dog and husband loved it! It’s relaxed but has a lot of big names and is just so picture perfect. We had glorious weather too and it was just so lovely being able to park up and watch the action rather than traipse around with dog and bag in tow.
What was bad?
Ummmmm it was really hot? There wasn’t much shade.

The Al Shira’aa Hickstead Derby Meeting

What was good?
Nice location, loads of shopping, lots to see and do all around the show ground. The Eventer’s Challenge is a must to watch if you get the chance. Its fast, furious and a little bit frantic but just fabulous for the NHOH. Dogs are welcome and there is again so much to see and do, especially if you’re happy to walk to the far end of the show ground.
What was bad?
Busy and not great for dogs-simply because it’s busy. Also a little bit pricey to get in but there are loads of vouchers and offers going around near the time.

Al Shira’aa Hickstead Derby

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials

What was good?
Relaxed, super friendly. The main ring is the centre of the action and the cross country course has lots of easy viewing areas. Lots of family friendly entertainment so probably the best one for little people. Easy access and lots of places to sit and chill. Good range of food and booze. Including Silent Pool Gin – yummy
What was bad?
Shopping is limited but at this point of the season that wasn’t a bad thing. Plus its very relaxed which means it slightly lacks the buzz of big events- this isn’t always a bad thing though 😉

KBIS Wellington Horse Trials by Frog and Field

So there you have my summary of Equine and Country Events 2017. Remember all of the events have their own blog post so do have a look. Top tip would be to find the dates out sooner rather than later and get a place to stay booked ASAP

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