Having been a bit out of my comfort zone at Badminton I was a little cautious about Blenheim. Still after a week of decision changing we finally decided that I should attend. Barrichello was being ridden by William Fox Pitt in the 8/9 YO Young Horse Class in the CIC*** at Blenheim. Now this isn’t too bizarre, I mean it is William. However, William has only had the ride on Barry for 3 weeks. So his first show was a FEI 3***. Hmmmmmm rather him than me.

Blenheim Palace Horse Trials 2017: A flying visit

Well he did rather well in the dressage so the plan was just to keep going and see how they both got on. After the fantastic dressage score I made my mind up that I would take a detour home and ‘pop in’ to catch his show jumping. Having parked approximately 2km away I power walked straight pass the media tent-dammit. Then I found a friend in the lovely Lucy Hall photography who guided me back to the tent. I was getting a bit hot and bothered by this point. Anyways I got signed in and took myself a bottle of water before the route march back the main arena.

Blenheim has a rather different feel to Badminton. Less commercial and more family friendly? The cross-country course weaved its way around the shops and made full use of the grounds. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures on my way back to the main arena. Including the infamous Cottesmore Leap- it was huge but all the riders made it just look like a chase fence. On my way, I saw heaps of shopping and was glad I’d left my purse in the car. I need a shopping budget for next year. There was also an attraction arena to the left of me. Over the day, I saw side saddle demos, pony racing and pony club games. There was also the cutest hobby horse child’s attraction.

Blenheim Palace Horse Trials 2017: Clear round for Barrichello

I did a quick scout of the arena and decided on the spot where I could get the beautiful Blenheim Palace in the background. Clear rounds seemed to alternate with four faults and so my nerves were building. Normally I like to watch the horse warm up but the nature of the trip hadn’t left me enough time to go in search of it. I decided I was best to just wait it out. An hour passed and finally it was Barrichello and William. They really do suit each other and make a handsome pair. Anyways they cruised around. It was quite a tight track and Barry is a big horse but with William piloting they put in a gorgeous clear round.



Chucking my camera in my bag I sprinted over to say well done to the pair of them and William was kind enough to pose for me. William had the biggest grin and gave us a big thumb up. Think we can safely say he likes Barry. Barry is such a gentleman, I gave him a well done pat before he was taken back the box. I had a surreal walk back with William and chatted about the cross country. I had to leave and wished William lots of luck for the next day. They went into the XC in 5th place- an epic result for a new relationship.


Blenheim Palace Horse Trials 2017: The start of a wonderful relationship

Needless to say, William and Barrichello cruised around the cross-country track and went for a quiet getting to know each other round. Time penalties meant they finished out of the top ten but I don’t think we can be anything other than ecstatic about their result. I can’t wait to see this duo bond and progress.


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