No, I haven’t gone mad and dedicated a blog post to chocolate. Choccywoccy is in fact a gorgeous Dun Gelding who happened to win my Equestrian Stockholm Giveaway over on the Facebook page.

I do love it when a plan comes together and Saturday morning was perfection. After doing several U-turns trying to find the yard I eventually arrived at the cutest yard surround by tress in full bloom with blossom-Simply gorgeous! Even more of a treat was the handsome Pauldary’s Choccywoccydoodah. OMG he is simply divine. A handsome Dun Gelding who is silky soft. Stands there like butter wouldn’t melt whilst looking absolutely amazing. Hats off to Nicola as he was turned out to perfection! That’s 3 in a row now which is fab. I’ve been so spoilt with my shoots this year and love how the blog is looking.

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent: Dressage Dancer not Jumping Jack

Nicola is the proud owner of Choccywoccy and found him all the way down in Portsmouth. She has owed him for 2 and half years. After buying him to show-jump and realising it was costing her a fortune refilling her air canisters they’ve turned their hooves to dressage. They’ve competed at affiliated level and have also tried their hand andhooves at side-saddle. Choccy has his quirks but it seems Nicola and Choccy are very devoted to each other. They’ve been out affiliated but have had to take a hiatus due to a very exciting move to Buckinghamshire. I’m sure they’ll be back out soon and in the meantime, he is a fabulous model.

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent: Rain halts fun

Initially Nicola wasn’t sure she even wanted to be in the pictures but after a few minutes both her and Choccy looked like they’d fit right into an Equestrian Stockholm advert. The lighting was perfect-grey and overcast with a little bit of sun which meant we had lots of options for poses and locations. Sadly, we only had an hour before the rain came otherwise I think I’d have been there all day.

Kent Equine Photographer

An Equine Portrait Session in Kent: Show Stealer Splash

Choccy was the winner of the photoshoot but his best buddy Splash totally stole the limelight! Splash is yummiest little pony, that I could have just popped in my boot and driven off with. I still have the grass stain on my top from his snogs. Belonging to Nicola’s mum Splash is half pet half ridden pony but he just adored being in front of the camera. Despite Choccy posing his heart out Splash sauntered over and joined in. The more the merrier I say!

booking Equine photography

I think you will agree with me that both Nicola and her mum look absolutely amazing. They both had different outfit styles on but both work incredibly well. It’s always hard to know what to wear but these two nailed it.

As we finished we were plotting a 21st Birthday Dress styled shoot. You have no idea how excited that makes me. I can see it already, Choccy blinged up and plaited with Nicola look glam.

An Equine Portrait session

Thank you, Nicola, and Choccy you were exceptional models and I hope you love the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. I look forward to seeing you strutting your stuff in your fabulous new set and don’t forget to tag us in them.