I’m sure I am not alone when I say this summer has been a tad busy. Like all horsey people the summer is jammed with events and shows. Always something to see, do and photograph! As a result of this I was majorly looking forward to my trip to the Yoga Fit Retreat in Ibiza.

Eventually the Sunday rolled around and Mr Frog and Field happily (not!) drove me to Gatwick at the crack of sparrows. I hate airport security-don’t you always feel guilty even when you are not?! Phew done in record time, just 10 minutes from being dropped off to being on the other side (cue Adele voice in my head) Onwards to my other favourite hobby…shopping! Everyone loves a bargain and no matter how you tell yourself its actually not that much cheaper in an airport I still can’t resist. Some flip flops and an anklet later, it’s Ibiza so mandatory, I headed for some food.

Yoga Fit Retreat: Egg Accident

The Grain Store is a fab restaurant in the South terminal and they do some mean poached eggs. Yummy yummy! Except I then drop egg yolk all over jeans. Disaster as due to my penny pinching I had hand luggage only. So, my only pair of non-yoga bottoms were soiled. Never mind I thought, I mean the resort will be small and low key. Onwards to boarding, another point in time when I feel like I’ve done something wrong. A short and pleasant plane trip of just two hours saw me landing in sunny Ibiza.

Grain Store

Yoga Fit Retreat: Sunshine

Woo hoo the sun was hot and it was warm. Fab, even the obligatory bundle into an airport bus for a strange 2-minute journey couldn’t get rid of my happy face. Passport control in Ibiza was a breeze-quite literally- so we were through the other side super quick. Two lovely Yoga Fit Reps greeted us and it was a short transfer to the resort. Now check in was a bit painful. Went on for a while and I become irritated by the rudeness of some people. Who pushed their way in and then loudly exclaimed ‘we’ve just totally pushed in the que’. Ummmmm yes you did so maybe go to the back? Or not as the brazenly just pushed their way through. I hate people that do that and it gets my hackles up instantly. Ibiza or no Ibiza don’t be so blooming rude.

Yoga Fit Retreat: When in Ibiza

Off to the room I went. I had been very excited about the room as the pictures online were wonderful. Sadly, I was underwhelmed. The room was very bland, brown and the bed quite old and didn’t feel overly comfortable. Still it was clean and big so I toddled off to the first class of the break. Beginners yoga down by the pool. It was at this point I realised that it was less retreat and more holiday. There were tons of non-yogis sunning themselves and a LOT of children. Never mind I thought and started getting my downwards facing dog on. To be fair the fact it was so busy actually never impacted the classes. The classes were big enough that you felt quite cocooned and comfortable in what we were doing.

Apologies for the poor images-they are iPhone as I was a good girl and left my camera at home…sob

Part Two on Sunday