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Dinner was the next activity of the day and I was so happy to see a whole table dedicated to dessert. I’m not going to lie I was a bit worried that it would be all salads and Quinoa. Fear not my cake loving friends there was plenty to eat, loads of choice and cocktails on tap. The wine even was on tap but wasn’t to my taste. I looked around and saw lots of individual yogis dotted around. Being brave I decided to chat to one of them and share a table. What a fab decision. She was lovely and we chatted away over mojitos making a plan to meet for breakie. She shares my love of cake and the need to have at least 2 lunches. Well we were on holiday.

Yoga Fit Retreat 2017: Sea View

Having heard her describe her room I decided to speak to Yogi Fit guys about my disappointment. After some annoying backwards and forwards I did get a room change. Granted it was smaller but the bed was far nicer and I had a sea view. Settled in for the night and read my book. The next day I went to sunrise yoga. On the marine overlooking the sea and had the joy of watching the sun rise whilst doing some salutations. Amazing! The next few days went so fast.

Yoga Fit Retreat 2017: Spoilt for Choice

There is such a huge range of classes going on there really is something for everyone. I especially enjoyed sunrise yoga and this was taught by a range of instructors. I have to say Dylan and Jane were my favourites and on the last day we did a final sequence to Disturbed’s The Sound of Silence. This was a pivotal moment for me and I truly felt like I had reached a smidgen of inner peace. Thank you, Jane that will stay with me, forever.

There were also assistants in lots of the yoga classes who wandered around tweaking people here and there. Meaning you truly got the most out of the sessions.


Carol also lead some fantastic Pilates classes and by day 3 I was aching from all the exercise. Using muscles, I never knew about! The huge plus point of it being a mixture of holiday and ‘retreat’ meant that in between classes people were dotted around the adult only pool-what a great idea! Enjoying the sun and having a drink. The weather was wonderful and lots of the classes were outside. Something that we rarely get to do in the UK.

It is also a testament to Ivor and the instructors that when it rained it just got better. Ivor was there bright and early rescheduling the classes, putting extra ones and ensuring the weather didn’t dampen the day at all. It was reviewed all the time and by lunchtime the sun was out and normal service had resumed.


Yoga Fit Retreat 2017: Workshops

There was also ample opportunity for workshops and I especially enjoyed the reflexology one. Thank goodness, I had made a friend as we were giving each other treatments! I also went to a couple of talks about eating habit and why we often make poor food choices. All I will say is think back to when you were young and food became a reward….

I also found the communication workshop interesting and took away a few tips. My personal favourite to resolve arguments quickly is this. Imagine you would be given £1000000 if you were able to reach a compromise where both parties were happy? How much quicker would you try and consider the other persons point of view?

Yoga Fit Retreat 2017: High Praise and Smiles

All of the instructors were amazing. Experts in their fields with heaps of knowledge. They also had a unique was of presenting and each of them bought something different to the class. Ken, although not an instructor, is also a very import cog in the machine. I never once saw him grumpy or annoyed. Always smiling and happy to help. Stopping to ask if we were ok and enjoying ourselves. Seriously the man is a saint! I don’t think I have ever enjoyed exercise as much as I did in that week.

Personally  it wouldn’t be a holiday for someone who has never done yoga or is unfit. The classes were strenuous (for me) and all of them are hour long. That said you can dip in and out so if you didn’t want to do any and just wanted to Sunrise Yoga then you could.

Frog and Field visit the Ibiza Yoga Fit Retreat 2017 Part 2

I had a brilliant time and would thoroughly recommend it. All I would say is don’t expect to come back having lost loads of weight and detoxed…the food is yummy! The salad bar is there but my will power was too weak.


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