Top tips for an equine photography trade stand

Top Tips for an Equine Photography Trade Stand

  1. Make it obvious what you do. Clear signage is vital. What’s obvious to you may not be obvious to everyone else.
  2. Unless you sell canvases don’t use canvases for your work. Print onto plastic or think cardboard and save yourself the pennies. This can also be cable ties together to provide a backdrop for the stand.
  3. Take a range of products. If you have ‘art work’ low cost prints will be popular. People don’t seem to come to a county fair to splash the cash. We found that large sales happened on the Thursday, middle sales on the Friday and not much on the Saturday.
  4. Call the venue and check about your stand set up. I got caught out with the lack of sides.
  5. Think about all the dead space, you can drape material on the stand fairly easily and hessian is low cost and in fashion. Avoid ugly gaps and area where people can see under tables etc.
  6. You will need a comfortable chair and don’t be afraid to use it.
  7. Business cards are great but would a leaflet convey more information and get them interested?
  8. You will always need more. I could have doubled the number of images I had displayed and there still would have been room. So, if you have room chuck some more in
  9. Minimal dressing/decorations unless they are for sale. You don’t want a bare stand but sometimes things can be distracting.
  10. Finally have a decent show offer. Make it work their while and encourage them to book there and then. Another option is to give them a show code/voucher which means you can then track how successful the show was for you.

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