Frozen Downtime at Frog and Field-Cold so Cold!

Frozen Downtime at Frog and Field, its been cold so very cold. It’s safe to say this weather has caused havoc in the country life. All manner of equine events have been cancelled. Racing and hunting have been complete non-starters. Even the sales pictures I had scheduled in had to be abandoned due to a frozen school.

All of this has led to some enforced downtime for Frog and Field. A tad frustrating as we were gathering momentum. There was a temptation do lots for free and I did think about that, despite the weather stopping me in my tracks. Even a free beach session couldn’t tempt people out in these Baltic conditions!

Still a wise woman (Rhea!) told me that rather than something for nothing that gives you nothing in return use the time to do something that nourishes yourself. Words that had a lot of impact on me. Especially as these were said when I felt I was doing a lot for nothing. I think it’s easy to forget the money invested into my computer, software, cameras, lenses and fuel. These things add up so actually a ‘free shoot’ costs me money. Which, like Rhea pointed out, is fine if it nourishes you in some way but not if it doesn’t.

With that in mind I’ve embraced the freezing conditions. I’ve had a couple of lovely mornings in bed with the cats-excuse the quality of the pics they were taken on a phone but even a photographer doesn’t sleep with their camera.

Frozen Downtime at Frog and Field

Frozen Downtime at Frog and Field-Embrace it

I’ve read a book-hilarious very much recommend it, drank copious amount of hot chocolate and attended Pilates classes. Reading a book at home is something I’ve not done for a while. Whilst Facebook and social media is amazing and enables someone like myself to build a business, I do worry about the amount of time spent in front of a screen. The need to be interactive means that I am obsessed with my phone. I’m constantly posting or checking on Instagram. Replying to comments and ‘liking posts’. The same can be said for Facebook. It can be relentless which I honestly don’t mind. However, I think my eyes and husband may disagree. It is important to be aware of this and try to have some non-social media time-for the sake of the marriage.

So during Frozen Downtime at Frog and Field I read my book, Sue Perkins autobiography if anyone is interested. I attempted cooking a roast, disastrous, I should stick to photos! Plus, I made a cake (a half cake half biscuit disaster) and as previously mentioned cuddled my fur babies. Thus, I am feeling very nourished and ready for what is shaping up to be a hectic February. Starting with the anniversary of Frog & Field and my birthday. Last years present was a DLSR –what will this years be?

Frozen Downtime at Frog and Field-What to Remember

Now this past month wasn’t easy for me. I’m by nature a glass half empty kind of girl. Also, I HATE ‘wasted time’ -ask my poor husband. I do not stop, until I get ill then I’m girl down.  However, I decided to go with it- no point moping around and being grumpy. Remember if it’s out of your control, the only thing you do is control your reaction to it. Words worth remembering when things aren’t going to plan and use the time to nourish your soul and focus your energies on the future.

That said I am counting down until the summer-FYI its 142 days! It’s June the 21st if anyone is interested……