Wealden Times Summer Fair: An Equine Photography Trade Stand


having an Equine Photography Trade Stand, why? Just after Christmas I decided that I needed to throw all my efforts into the photography business. I’d set up just under a year ago and 2017 was the year it was all going to happen! Or I was going to die trying-all or nothing. So, I figured having an Equine Photography Trade Stand at the Wealden Times Summer Fair would be a good idea. I was delighted when I was accepted but had no idea what to expect. I imagine as you read this you think that it maybe wasn’t a good idea, well that’s not completely the case.

Firstly, I had never had a stand or stall anywhere so was a little clueless about what exactly I should take or do. I decided that starting with some photos on canvases was a good idea. A fab company called the The White Canvas Company popped up on my Instagram feed and so I got in touch. A flurry of emails followed with Rich, the owner, tweaking the sizes and keeping me in the loop always.

A personal and bespoke service which meant I was over the moon with the end results. Well made, strong frame and high-quality finish. Brilliant I thought-except everyone wanted to buy them or asked me if I could take their phone picture and put in on a canvas. Ummmmm how to politely explain that the camera around your neck means you’re a photographer. I mean I don’t wear a dead weight around my neck just because I like moderate to severe neck pain.

Equine Photography Trade Stand: DIY

Still it was an honest mistake and gave us a conversation starting point. So, moving on from the canvases. A desk or table was needed-remember moderate neck pain already! I ordered some chalk paint from amazon and decided I would paint an old desk and hey presto. Cue teeny tiny pot arriving that didn’t look like it could paint a drawer of previously mentioned desk. TO my amazement not only was the pot enough to paint the desk but also a chair. Perfect I thought, I superglued some initials onto the back and hey presto a desk. Feeling pretty pumped by this I then decided to recover it with some plastic table cloth and add a funky pillow to the chair.


A quick trip to my two favourite shops, Dunlem Mill and The Range, provided me with some super cute accessories. Too cute I think, I could have sold my biscuit tin and the ‘Reserved for the Dog’ pillow about twenty times. Again I wasn’t really getting my message across.

Equine Photography Trade Stand


Equine Photography Trade Stand: Make a plan

This was Day one and I left the stand at half 4 feeling pretty bummed. No one really got what I did, no one wanted any pictures taken and I was sandwiched between two epic stalls so I just ended up being passed by. So, I took a moment the following day to re-evaluate the stand and see if there was anything I could do. Really it didn’t scream photography and this was a crucial moment. I’d taken some more business cards but I needed a sign. I started plotting as to how this could be done before day three. Not to be deterred I asked the lady on the stand next door if she wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on it and I went in search of pooches.

Well if they don’t come to you then go to them. I had a fantastic second day, chatted to lots of people took some lovely pictures and was able to really get my brand out there. I’d saved it!


Canine Photography

Equine Photography Trade Stand: Gin is the answer

I was pretty happy with the end game on Friday and drove home thinking about how I could make it even better. Once home I found some old wood, dug out my paints and created a sign. A blindingly obvious ‘I do photography’ sign. Much better, finally the stand was coming together-it only took till the last day for this to happen! The final day was Saturday and due to the large volume of little people and their accompanying adults and modes of transport dog stalking was of the table. I retreated by to my desk where I mulled over my lunchtime gin and spent some time on social media. Strangely I had more people approach me and chat when I sat down and looked ‘busy’.


That was a suprising  lesson but when I thought about it that made perfect sense. If I go into a shop and the assistant runs over all smiles and perkiness I instantly think oh do go away! However, if I am left to browse I will probably purchase something.

Overall, it’s hard to tell if the fair was a success, currently I haven’t come close to making back what I invested but I did hand out 100 business cards so surely something will come of that? I have one very exciting shoot pencilled in which involves a national trust property so that’s quite an achievement. Besides I can now say I’ve had an Equine Photography Trade Stand and I have some gorgeous gin glasses!


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