Kent County Show: Friday Visit

The day didn’t get off to the best start with an accident on the motorway meaning the journey to Kent County Show was rather drawn out. Still we got there in one piece and like we always say, at least we weren’t in the accident.

Parking was easy enough to find but was at the opposite end of the show ground and there was no ‘special’ parking for media. Normally this is the case because we have lots of equipment and also need to sign into the media tent etc. This made for a slightly annoying trek across the showground. Having always gone to the show in the horse box it was a bit confusing being at the other end to the horse. Still it’s nicely signposted and a map was provided so off I toddled.

First class of the day was the small and large riding horse classes. Decent sized classes with a high standard of entry. Each horse walked, trotted and cantered before being ask to ‘push on’ along the long side. This lead to some hairy moments, one poor lady ended up nearly in the other ring due to brake failure. Oddly the side they extended on was lined with banners advertising waste collection! Surely extending along the side with the crowds would have been a prettier picture? Ho hum, I made my way to the collecting ring as this is where I find the nicest pictures happen. Sure enough I caught a lovely one of Helen Baker and her winning Riding horse. Plus, a fab trio of friends all smiles.

Onto the championship and again Helen was successful claiming the champion Riding horse, this wasn’t done in the main arena but out the back so they missed out on a crowd, a bit of a shame really but I guess it’s a tough challenge to coordinate a show on this scale.

Kent County Show

Kent County Show: Workers and coloureds

Then I skipped over to the working hunters, a personal favourite of mine but a really small class. Just 5 competitors! I wonder if they got stuck in traffic or put off by the heat? Still a real shame as it was a HOYS qualifier too. The winner had a fantastic jumping style and as the judge said ‘He gave the feeling they would jump anything out hunting’ Such a compliment. The course was nice and inviting, decent size but not too spooky-unlike RWHS.

Back over the back arenas and there was a coloured class going on. Little and large with everything in between. I do love feathers and this class was no exception. Having to juggle multiple rings and a dog I decided to go and watch the foals. Such a joy to watch, the most adorable faces with so much enthusiasm for life. There were a few moments where they wanted to dance to their own tune but the winner behaved impeccably. These little ladies and gents are surely stars of the future.

Kent County Show

Kent County Show: Hot Hot

By this point Margaux was looking decidedly hot and bothered, despite cooling herself in a stands water bowl-very embarrassing! Temperatures were up to the 30s and as there was so much tarmac to walk on I decided to call it a day. A shame for me as there was so much to do and loads going on. I only realised on my return that the dogs trust was running a crèche for dogs! What a fantastic idea and not only that they also had a paddling pool. So worth remembering that for next year.

Overall a fantastic show, I think the Friday is always a little quieter but for me with a camera and dog that’s no issue. It’s a real shame that it clashes with Barbury as I do have a soft spot for Kent Show. It’s my local show with heaps of stands. Loads to do with both kids and dogs plus so many food stalls-yummy!