Equestrian Graphic Design

We can offer a range of Graphic Design Services, most popular is the Logo design service. Using images from your photoshoot we can create bespoke and personal logos for your company. Each logo will be completely unique to you and allows you to truly create a brand. We will work with you to create a logo you are happy with and the price includes 2 alterations. Additional alterations will incur a small fee.

Logos can also be created from stock images should you prefer not to have a photoshoot. Alternatively, if you have high resolution images we can work with these, with the photographer permission.

Prices on application-please email us your requirements

Logos using Frog and Field Photos : from £50 including 2 minor alterations 

Logos using external photos (high resolution): from £60 including 2 minor alterations

Equestrian Graphic Design: Build your brand

Logos are fantastic for building a brand and are not just limited to companies. Brand ambassador Josh Hill can promote his brand using a range of products, including jackets and saddle cloths, from his bespoke logo. Logos can also be used as a water mark for your images. This can be helpful if creating sales posts. You and your brand are clear and easy to follow.

We can also work with companies and individuals to create leaflets, flyers and other marketing materials by providing you with images to be used. Subscribers can utilise our Graphic Design service within their chosen package.

All the logos and design you see throughout the website has been created and designed by Frog and Field. Therefore, it is truly individual.

Let us work with you to create the same for you or your business

Your logo is the one device that will allow current and potential customers to recognise your business in an instant: it should be strong, unique and confident- Fiona Humberstone, Style Your Brand

Images below taken from our Brand Ambassador at the BD Winter Nationals.

Kent Graphic Design

Kent Graphic Design