2018 Time for Change

Until now I resisted writing a new year new me post because well they get a little boring. However, things do just naturally change for me in January. It’s like the beginning of a new term at school. We review and analyse, look to ways to improve.

I had a fair bit of time off over Christmas which led me to spend some time pondering over the business and how it could be improved. The summer had been very busy, mainly with portfolio building but also with following a certain high-profile eventer around the country. Busy was great, I learnt a lot and was really able to develop my skills and consider what worked well and what didn’t. As the winter has gone on I’ve been thinking about all of this and what that means to 2018.

2018 Time for Change: What works for me

In summary I really enjoy documenting events, following riders and their horses. I prefer an alternative view and for me the action doesn’t just happen in the main arena. Creating beautiful works of art and portrait sessions was also a big highlight for me, especially if this can be alongside small businesses. So much joy can be gained when you help someone else achieve their dreams. Remembering that a candle doesn’t lose any of its own brightness when it chooses to light another candle. Where is all of this going I hear you cry?

2018 Time for Change: All green

Well I’ve overhauled the website, I’ve culled information that was surplus to requirements and I’ve added a gallery too. The green has been chosen because its more unisex and country plus secretly I’ve always wanted sage green, but someone already had it. Prior to Christmas I had started playing with the watermark, but I’ve now rolled it out across my social media accounts. All in all, it creates the look I was hoping for and with some hints of grey and rose gold it should work well in gift sets. Currently I am just getting samples of packing that I hope will create a high-end gift.

2018 Time for Change

2018 Time for Change: How much do you value your time?

It is also time to decide how much I value my time and my skills. This has meant that my pricing has been reviewed. I had massively been undervaluing my time, especially when it came to the post shoot editing and gallery management. When I reflect on a shoot and the entire process I would estimate that the actual shoot is only about 20% of the client experience. Considering all of this and the hours that go into post shoot production I’ve decided a package is the way forward.

So what benefits does this have to you the client? Well for a start once you’ve paid for your shoot you’ve paid. That’s it, no surprise costs, no pondering on how many you can afford and which ones to pick. Therefore, no pressure. You can relax and enjoy your shoot safe in the knowledge there is no further discussion about money, unless of course you want some gorgeous bespoke products. Throughout the year I will be running limited time offers on gift vouchers if you are planning on suprising someone and want a more affordable option- these will be announced over on the Facebook page.

2018 Time for Change: Your Frog and Field Experience:

Once you’ve got in touch and booked your shoot the next step is a short questionnaire which is sent with your confirmation letter, this also includes some tips for your shoot. On the day first of all we will go around the chosen location and pick out some potential areas for the photographs. We will also decide a running order, ridden or in hand first or vice versa. It is really determined by you and your horse. If you have a selection of outfits (and horses!) we will plan what ones we use first.

When all this is decided, and we have a plan, the fun then starts! Please allow 2 hours from when I arrive at the venue for your shoot. Often as nromal we are the servants of the horses, if they are bored then I stop. It’s meant to be fun and you’d be surprised how fast the time goes. I aim to get at least 15 images for you but again this will depend on the location, outfits and how amenable both horse and model are feeling. Be assured that most people end up with a lot more!

2018 Time for Change

2018 Time for Change: Editing Time

Then I head back to the computer and I get stuck into editing. I love this part and will offer a range of editing styles and also black backgrounds- these are location dependant. As soon as the images are edited they all get put on a USB, all high resolution naturally. Then packaged up to be delivered to you. If desired a blog post and social post will follow which will contain your sneak peaks. I can offer bespoke products to display your works of art at home and these can be discussed.


Hopefully at this point you tell your friends and family about your wonderful experience with Frog and Field. Then if I’m lucky  I get the honour of creating memories with them. 2018 is a time for change but for all the right reasons.