Amy Stovold by Frog and Field

I met Amy Stovold at the summer nationals last year. Since then we’ve been trying to get together to get some pics of her gorgeous boys. We had to reschedule a few times due to Amy relocating yards. Finally, they day came around, the school was finished, winter coats had grown out and the sun was shining. Bobo had suffered a wardrobe malfunction due his rugs this winter but he still looked amazing.

Every now and then you get really lucky with the weather. The day I met Lotto and BoBo was no exception. It was glorious, blue sky with a scattering of candy floss clouds. Keen to get a relaxed shoot with the horses Amy simply starting working them. There was consideration to the outfits and both the horses were wearing their whites. Something Amy is convinced the horses know they are wearing, and by their performances I’d be inclined to agree.

Amy Stovold by Frog and Field: The Boys

So the horses, Amy is a lucky lady and has 2 gorgeous boys. First of all, Louboutin, stable name Lotto. He is a 17hh 9-year-old bay gelding. Co-owned by both Nadia Lister and Amy Stovold. Amy has ridden and trained Lotto from 4 years old. Their bond is clear to see, and Lotto is super happy in his work. He took offence to my camera box but his need to please overtook this and he worked amazingly. You can see we were spoilt for choice with pictures and this was largely down to the excellent work he did.

The second horse was, BoBoL. He is a 11-year-old black gelding solely owned by Amy. She purchased BoBo 4 years ago and he is a very trainable and forward thinking horse. He has me smiling the whole time I watched work as he clearly just adores working. He is always thinking one step ahead. At times this made some very exuberant flying changes which had us chuckling. I can’t help but think he will be one to watch. Super smart and very athletic.

Amy Stovold by Frog and Field: The Future

Having already qualified BoBo for the Nationals Amy’s eyes are firmly on Grand Prix with these two. Aim high, after all you have nothing to lose.

I just love the saying

Aim for the Moon

Even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars

Although I think at least one of these will end up being the first horse on the moon…….

Amy Stovold Kent Equine Photographer

Amy Stovold Kent Equine Photographer

Amy Stovold Kent Equine Photographer

Amy Stovold Kent Equine Photographer

Amy Stovold Kent Equine Photographer

Amy Stovold Kent Equine Photographer

Amy is wearing her KEP hat, Bates Saddle and Equetech Top

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